Soft Descriptor - Rules

What is Soft Descriptor

Soft Descriptor is a tag that will appear on the cardholder’s statement and helps the cardholder identify the transaction and helps avoid unnecessary calls by the cardholder to their issuer to help identify the transaction.


Ask TabaPay

Consult with your TabaPay representative for Card Acceptor Name values.

How can you set it

Soft Descriptor can be configured across all your transactions at the time of Onboarding (Static value)
Soft Descriptor can also be configured at transaction time in TabaPay's Unified API (Dynamic value)


Transaction Overrides Require Permission

When clients require overrides of the soft descriptor at transaction time, it will require a permission from TabaPay's compliance teams.

Remember to be fully compliant when configuring card acceptor values.


Data Integrity Issues

When soft descriptors are provided during transaction-time, TabaPay requires our clients to ensure that the value follows guidelines below.

Networks consider it non-compliant when the State and ZIP Code do not match. Please ensure that the State and ZIP Code values are valid and match.

Allowed Characters

Soft descriptors are very sensitive and presence of bad characters or absence of requirements will result in declines.

We will also explicitly restrict the use of these characters.

Forbidden Character Character Description
, Comma
" Double Quotes
~ Tilde
^ Caret
| Pipe
. Period
@ at

Visa Guidelines for Card Acceptor Values

Card Acceptor Name/Location, pos. 1-40 Length: 40 Format: 40 ANS

Card-present transactions will require the location of the merchant outlet as the location where the transaction took place.

Card-not-present transactions must contain the merchant’s customer service telephone number, the merchant’s universal resource locator (URL) or internet/e-mail address.

Card Acceptor City Name for PayoutsEarned Wage Access (Employer Based): EWA Provider Name_Employer Name
Earned Wage Access (Direct to
Consumer): EWA Company Name
Insurance Payouts: Insurance Company Name
Gambling Payouts: Casino Name or
Payout Facilitator_Casino Name
Marketplace Payouts: Marketplace Name
P2P: P2P
P2P (FI Initiated): P2P
P2P (Processing Platforms): P2P
Account-to-Account (non-FI,
A2A Service Provider
_Account Owner Name
Account-to-Account (Neo
Merchant Name/Brand
Name_Account Owner
Account-toAccount (Cash
Merchant Name
_Account Owner Name
Card Acceptor Name for Account FundingMoney Transfer Format (includes P2P, A2A, Funds Transfers, Wallet Transfers, Business Initiated: The Card Acceptor Name field must contain the "Doing Business As" name or abbreviation of the merchant (1-4 characters) and be the name most recognizable to the cardholder in addition to the recipient's name.
The Merchant Name field must contain the full Merchant Name or conform to this format when including a recipient name:
Format Field Position Data
Pos. 1-4: Merchant Name (abbreviated)
Pos. 5: Asterisk (*)
Pos. 6-25: Recipient Name (optional, but recommended)