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Restricted Usage and Subject To Change


TabaControl is a Pilot API

If you would like to participate in our TabaControl Pilot, reach out to your TabaPay contact. All AML controls will be set/changed by talking with your TabaPay contact. Then the following API resources will programmatically include information as to the status of your Controls. This Pilot will begin soon!



Path Parameters:

  • FQDNFQDN - Replace FQDN with the appropriate domain. Ensure the domain you're using is consistent with the environment you're testing in (sandbox, production, etc.)
  • ClientIDClientID - Your unique 22-character string issued during onboarding. This value is used in your URLs for TabaPay APIs. For questions on what string to use, ask TabaPay support.
  • SubClientIDSubClientID - A 4, 6, or 8-digit value, specifying a program under a client. If you're unsure what value to use, ask TabaPay support. You may need to append this value in your API URL

Query Parameters

  • Controls


Request Data

Refer to Query Card for the Request Data. The Request Data is unchanged.

Response Data

Only additional JSON fields are shown below. See Query Card for the current Response Data.

JSON Name Value Description Status Code
200 Other
status String LOCKED or OK
statusReason String
4-6 characters
Reason Code For Status
Present Only If status is LOCKED