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Create Transaction 400 BAD_REQUEST

Hello TabaPay, we're unable to do a test create transaction request. Here's some pseudo code:

    referenceID = body.referenceId, // some uuid
    amount = body.grossTipAmount.toString(), // amount
    currency = body.currency, //840
    type = PULL,
    accounts = CreateTransactionRequest.Accounts(
        sourceAccountID = null,
        sourceAccount = CreateTransactionRequest.Accounts.SourceAccount(
            card = CreateTransactionRequest.Accounts.SourceAccount.Card(token = token) // from iFrame

We're getting the following in our logs:

2022-06-11 04:05:40.605 TRACE 1 --- [or-http-epoll-2] o.s.w.r.f.client.ExchangeFunctions       : [44fc6c19] [e5c7d29f-1, L:/ -] Response 400 BAD_REQUEST, headers=[Server:"nginx", Date:"Sat, 11 Jun 2022 04:05:40 GMT", Connection:"close", Strict-Transport-Security:"max-age=31536000; includeSubdomains", X-Frame-Options:"SAMEORIGIN", X-XSS-Protection:"1; mode=block", X-Content-Type-Options:"nosniff", content-length:"45"]

We're then getting:

UnsupportedMediaTypeException: Content type 'application/octet-stream' not supported for bodyType=CreateTransactionResult

Is it possible for you guys to check your logs around the same time and see what is causing the error? Btw, we put a fake CC of 4242...

Any pointers would be of great help.