3-D Secure: JWT validation after continueWithTransaction?

The [documentation for JWT validation](https://developers.tabapay.com/reference/how-to-use-the-3ds-sdk-starter-guide#13-jwt-validation) says that the response from the mobile SDKs continueWithTransaction... method can be validated by calling the [TabaPay 3D Secure Authenticate API](https://developers.tabapay.com/reference/3dsauthenticate). That API appears to be required but is not mentioned in the [sequence diagram](https://developers.tabapay.com/reference/how-to-use-the-3ds-sdk-starter-guide#example-flow). By the way, that sequence diagram is _incredibly helpful_, which is why I'm pointing out the potential gap.

3-D Secure: Which transaction ID continueWithTransaction mobile SDK call?

The [3-D Secure starter guide](https://developers.tabapay.com/reference/how-to-use-the-3ds-sdk-starter-guide#12-handle-the-tabapay-lookup-response-and-use-the-sdk-to-handle-the-challenge-ui) explains that after calling the [TabaPay 3D Secure Lookup API](https://developers.tabapay.com/reference/3dslookup) then the developer should call the continueWithTransaction... method in the Android/iOS SDK. The SDK calls take a `TRANSACTION_ID` parameter. Is the value for that parameter supposed to be taken from the `processorTransactionID` or the `dsTransactionID` value in the response to 3D Secure Lookup?

Create SubClient API does not return new SubClient ID?

Hello 👋 Question regarding SubClientID generation: Why is that the Create SubClient API not return the newly created SubClient's ID https://developers.tabapay.com/reference/create-a-subclient-additional-reference Where would we get newly created SubClient IDs if not from the endpoint? Thanks!

Address field in the subclient

Hi, When we used comma in the line1 of the address field, we received the following error. API didn't complain when period was entered. What else is not allowed in line1 and line2? { "SC": 400, "EC": "22110212", "EM": "address.line1" } Thanks, Farzana

Subclient APIs Available?

Hello, In checking out SubClient APIs: create/get/update/delete they all state "Coming Soon", however the pages were last updated 6 months ago. Are these APIs now available, if not, when? We're needing them to tracking our businesses & accounting. Thanks! https://developers.tabapay.com/reference/createsubclient https://developers.tabapay.com/reference/retrievesubclient https://developers.tabapay.com/reference/updatesubclient https://developers.tabapay.com/reference/deletesubclient

Corp company type in the request example is not existed

https://developers.tabapay.com/reference/create-a-subclient-additional-reference There is a request json example, the type is **Corp**, but the from the reference table, type is: Company Type: LLC LLP C-Corp S-Corp SoleProprieter Nonprofit Charitable Other

Network Response code table

This table is confined to a tiny, scrollable div. This makes it tremendously tedious to scan, and difficult to use the in-browser text search. A simple, fully-rendered table, would be much easier to use. https://developers.tabapay.com/reference/iso-network-codes

Get a 410 status code when deleting account

I tried to delete an account, it returned a 410 status code, and empty response. I am not sure where is wrong.

Pull Transaction, 207 Status code Response

Hello, trying to post a Pull Transaction. Here's an OOP view: ``` CreateTransactionRequest( referenceID=fOK97adAWXnAxG9, correspondingID=null, corresponding=null, type=PULL, accounts=Accounts( sourceAccountID=CFo5USkEAeD..., sourceAccount=null, destinationAccountID=AAgoNTEEA..., destinationAccount=null ), amount=0.04, currency=840, ofacValue=null, memo=null, achOptions=null, pullOptions=null, softDescriptor=null, location=null ) ``` Response: ``` 207 MULTI_STATUS ``` https://developers.tabapay.com/reference/http-status-codes states: ``` If you get a 207 during a CreateTransaction request, this means the status of the transaction is unknown. ``` - What does "unknown" status mean exactly? What are its implications? Should we proceed, or have user try again? I've noticed this against transaction of a few cents, but not so much so for $1+ amounts. This is for Certification for production hence the smaller amounts. This is consistently occurring, hence blocking. Let me know please if there's a way to circumvent this. Thanks!

Pull Transaction, SC:409 EM:referenceID

Hello, trying to post a Pull Transaction. Here's an OOP view: ``` CreateTransactionRequest( referenceID=c0EfLxA0WI6iKqF, correspondingID=null, corresponding=null, type=PULL, accounts=Accounts( sourceAccountID=null, sourceAccount=SourceAccount( card=Card( accountNumber=null, expirationDate=null, securityCode=null, keyID=null, data=null, token=80A5E8RPFYCyBSI7PeEJ..., device=null, mobilePay=null, processor=null), bank=null, owner=Owner( name=Name( company=null, first=Foo, middle=null, last=Bar, suffix=null ), address=null, phone=null ) ), destinationAccountID=AAgoNTEEAUbkx..., destinationAccount=null ), amount=0.04, currency=840, ofacValue=null, memo=null, achOptions=null, pullOptions=null, softDescriptor=null, location=null ) ``` Here's the response we're getting: ``` { "SC":409, "EC":"3C557550", "EM":"referenceID" } ``` Any tips or suggestions are most welcome. Thanks!