Settlement of reversal(delete transaction)

Are we supposed to receive a CSV file with the delete transaction(reversal) API ? Are we should use the successful response in the API itself and assume it is settled?

Optionally run AVS on non-USA Cards?

Hello, Happy New Year! I would like to run AVS on cards that are USA based, however skip AVS when card is international, since TabaPay doesn't support AVS on international cards ( How can I accomplish this? - Is there a way to Card Query & optionally AVS if it's USA based? - Is there a way to tell if a card is international such that I don't run AVS on it? Thanks!

3-D Secure: JWT validation after continueWithTransaction?

The [documentation for JWT validation]( says that the response from the mobile SDKs continueWithTransaction... method can be validated by calling the [TabaPay 3D Secure Authenticate API]( That API appears to be required but is not mentioned in the [sequence diagram]( By the way, that sequence diagram is _incredibly helpful_, which is why I'm pointing out the potential gap.

Pull Transaction, SC:409 EM:referenceID

Hello, trying to post a Pull Transaction. Here's an OOP view: ``` CreateTransactionRequest( referenceID=c0EfLxA0WI6iKqF, correspondingID=null, corresponding=null, type=PULL, accounts=Accounts( sourceAccountID=null, sourceAccount=SourceAccount( card=Card( accountNumber=null, expirationDate=null, securityCode=null, keyID=null, data=null, token=80A5E8RPFYCyBSI7PeEJ..., device=null, mobilePay=null, processor=null), bank=null, owner=Owner( name=Name( company=null, first=Foo, middle=null, last=Bar, suffix=null ), address=null, phone=null ) ), destinationAccountID=AAgoNTEEAUbkx..., destinationAccount=null ), amount=0.04, currency=840, ofacValue=null, memo=null, achOptions=null, pullOptions=null, softDescriptor=null, location=null ) ``` Here's the response we're getting: ``` { "SC":409, "EC":"3C557550", "EM":"referenceID" } ``` Any tips or suggestions are most welcome. Thanks!

What does the error message Source Disabled mean?

We are seeing the following error message on between 5-10% of transactions we attempt to process, and I haven't been able to find any documentation to help explain it. Can you tell me what it means and how it might be avoided? Tabapay action failed; action=create_transaction, errorCode=3C55602E, errorMessage=Source Disabled

iOS 3DS challenge Flow callback

I am following the to implement 3DS. I am able to successfully create Frictionless transactions as well as transactions that have Step up/Challenge response. However, the behavior I am seeing is slightly different from what the guide states. When I use sandbox test card for lookup Challenge/StepUp from specifically 4000000760000002, I get the challenge and I get the JWT in the callback but the validateResponse is nil. I am able to successfully create transactions with the JWT returned in this callback, but there is no way to check the actionCode ``` func cardinalSession(cardinalSession session: CardinalSession!, stepUpValidated validateResponse: CardinalResponse!, serverJWT: String!) { switch validateResponse.actionCode { case .success: // Handle successful transaction, send JWT to backend to verify break case .noAction: // Handle no actionable outcome break case .failure: // Handle failed transaction attempt break case .error: // Handle service level error break case .cancel: // Handle transaction canceled by user break case .timeout: // Handle transaction timedout break } } ``` Am I doing something wrong or should I ignore the `validateResponse.actionCode` in step 12 of this guide. Thanks!

What does error Card Data PK refer to?

What does error 400 Card Data PK refer to? Can you please explain?

Sandbox test card number

None of the Amex or Discover test card numbers work in sandbox, all receive the response "Sorry this type of card does not accept fund disbursement." How can we test Amex and Discover?

The API Sandbox URL is not accessiable

Today I tried to explore the TabaPay API, and used the sandbox env variables from TabaPay. `curl<ClientID> -H "Authorization:xxx"` got a timeout error.