Retrieve Account Failure

GET `/v1/clients/{clientId}/accounts/{accountId}?RejectDuplicateCard` Returns ``` { "type":"", "title":" Bad Request", "status":400, "detail": "Unhandled tabapay response: { \"SC\":410, \"EC\":\"3A454002\", \"EM\":\"Status\" } } ``` It was working fine before. Is it because we've hit the endpoint too many times in a time period?

Payment transaction failed

Send a payment transaction using, failed. ```bash {"SC":400,"EC":"3C5E1312","EM":"accounts.source"}" ```

Create account failed

Using the card provided in the failed. ```bash {"SC":422,"EC":"3C55602E","EM":"Source Disabled"}" ```

Create TabaPay Account

We're facing an odd error when creating a TabaPay account: ``` {\"SC\":400,\"EC\":\"3C404913\",\"EM\":\"Card Data Client\"} ``` Any idea what this means? Also is there table where all of these error values are defined for SC, EC, and EM?

Sandbox test card number

None of the Amex or Discover test card numbers work in sandbox, all receive the response "Sorry this type of card does not accept fund disbursement." How can we test Amex and Discover?

The API Sandbox URL is not accessiable

Today I tried to explore the TabaPay API, and used the sandbox env variables from TabaPay. `curl<ClientID> -H "Authorization:xxx"` got a timeout error.