Overview of Instant Push Payments

Pay out funds to a recipient.

Whether it is paying out insurance claims, earned wage payments to your employees, payments out to your vendors, or enabling instant bill payments, TabaPay provides instant disbursements to supported debit cards or to supported bank accounts. Instant disbursements are available at all times, including weekends and holidays, and funds are available in the destination account within 30 minutes.

Use Cases

  • On demand pay and payroll: Pay your customers immediately, at a low-cost via debit cards and real-time payments (RTP). Includes earned wage payments, or early wage to employees.
  • Insurance claims: Allow customers to receive settlements directly to their debit cards or bank accounts within minutes of approval, improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.
  • Vendor payments: Enable businesses to make instant payments to suppliers and contractors, for timely payments that can help improve supply chain efficiency and business relationships.
  • Billpay for utilities: Provide customers with the convenience of paying utility bills instantly, so that payments are processed immediately, to help avoid service interruptions or late fees.

Flexible Features for all Use Cases

In order to enable a variety of use cases, Instant Account Funding provides:

  • Flexible Destination Sources: Offers you the ability to instantly pay out to a payment card or bank account.
  • Optimized Routing: Our least-cost and high-quality routing logic ensures the best success rates for your payout transactions.
  • Payout Limits: Transaction limits are governed by the type of rails used for the payment. For instance, in the case of Visa Direct or MasterCard MoneySend, the card networks decide the transaction limits allowed for payouts.


TabaPay Payout Connections

We bring you a unified payout experience through our integrations with Visa Direct and MasterCard MoneySend, and The Clearing House's Real Time Payments (RTP).

Connect with us through our APIs and settle directly with your acquiring bank partner. Contact TabaPay Support or Sales to know more.


  • One Unified API: TabaPay's unified Create Transaction is a powerful tool to enable a wide range of services including Money Transfers, Funds Disbursements, merchant settlement, Digital Wallet transfers, instant deposits, prepaid loads, and Credit Card bill payments.
  • Trust: Funds are only issued to those recipient cards and accounts that have been issued and compliant with appropriate “Know Your Customer (KYC)” procedures. This adherence to regulatory standards safeguards all transactions against unauthorized access and fraud.
  • Payment's Expertise: TabaPay's deep payment expertise enables compliant transactions, processes for handling exceptions, addressing fraud situations, and providing value-added services that meet your needs.
  • Coverage: Utilize TabaPay's unique coverage across payment rails to instantly send funds to cardholders and accountholders across the world.
  • Convenience: Instant disbursements and payouts enable consumers to receive funds directly into their cards and accounts. Cardholders can then access these funds at ATMs and merchants that accept these cards
  • Multi-Currency Handling: TabaPay provides currency conversion and transaction settlement over multiple currencies. This facilitates smooth and efficient cross-border transactions, accommodating the diverse currency needs of global clients.

Push to Card vs Push to Account


Setting Your Destination Account Object

Each transaction has two accounts, a Source Accountand a Destination Account.

Use Create Transaction request with type: push

Push to card: You can add card info from Create Account, add card info directly, or use iFrame or RSA tokens under the destination account object.

Push to account: you can add bank info from Create Account, or add account info directly.


PCI Standards

Any client handling sensitive card information is required to meet a specified level of PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards).

Code Samples to Payout Funds

Here are few samples to get you started!