PCI-Compliant Payment Links


Send a link to collect a payment!

TabaPay's PCI-Compliant Payment Links offers a secure way for our clients to send a link to customers to get paid.

Supported Channels

Email a link!

Sent a payment link via text message!

Generate a URL to share it the way you want!

How does it work

  1. Login to TabaPay Portal to access PCI-Compliant Payment Links.

  1. Navigate to Transactions -> Create Payment Request

  1. Choose the mode of payment link to share with your customer - Email or text or generate a URL. Choose the mode to share your URL - chatbot/messenger channels/phone text messages/website/etc.

  1. Customer enters card information securely to pay.


PCI-Compliant iFrame

Our iFrames are 100% customizable.

Learn more here.