Exceptions (Daily)

The Exceptions Report is generated daily. If there are no exceptions for the day, then an empty report is generated (header only). Chargebacks, returns, and adjustments are included in this file. The exception transaction is posted to the file the day TabaPay receives notification of the exception.

3Merchant Reference IDreferenceID sent by the merchant in the Create Transaction API request
4Original Transaction IDtransactionID sent by TabaPay in the Create Transaction API response
5Exception IDUnique reference number generated by TabaPay for each exception.
6Exception type
7Exception CodeNetwork-specific reason code
8Exception Description
9Exception DateDate exception posted. Corresponds with the date of the report.
11Status Date
12Days Open
13Network Transaction ID
14Original Creation Date
15Original Processed Date
16Original Transaction Type
17Exception Source
18Exception Destination
19Exception Network
20Last 4Last 4 of beneficiary card (add “0s” in front of number if less than 4 digits)
21Original Settled Amount
22Exception Settled Amount
23TabaPay Fee
24Network Fee
30Network ID


The Exceptions reports contain information about all exception items that do not pass through the API. The Exceptions reports contain chargeback records whenever there is a movement of funds. A chargeback case may appear on the Exceptions report multiple times throughout its lifecycle.

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