Updated Accounts (Daily, Updated Weekly)

Applicable to programs leverage account updater services.

The Daily Account Updater report provides the merchant with any changed cards, updated by the Issuer, for cards stored on TabaPay’s system, with a token provided to the merchant.

ISOThe ISO number for a particular merchant. TabaPay provides.
ISO NameThe name of the ISO or top-level merchant
MIDThe merchant identifier TabaPay provides
Merchant NameThe individual merchant name / identifier
Account IDPersistent token ID provided by TabaPay, representing the stored card
Reference IDID provided by Merchant, representing the stored card
Original BINOriginal BIN (first 6 of card) of the stored card, prior to issuer changing
Original Last 4The original last 4 digits of the stored card
Original Expiration DateThe original expiration date of the stored card
Original BrandThe original brand of the stored card (e.g. Visa, Mastercard)
New BINThe new BIN of the stored card
New Last 4The new last 4 of the stored card (add “0s” in front of number if less than 4 digits)
New Expiration DateThe new expiration date of the stored card
New BrandThe new brand of the stored card
TabaPay feeTabaPay fee charged to update card
Network feethe fee charged by the network to update the card information
Reason CodeAccount (New Card Issued) or Expiry (New Expiration Date)
Network CodeSee all valid network response codes for Visa and MasterCard here