Duplicate Card Check

Confirm your card token to reduce fraud.


How to Use Duplicate Card Check

For a detailed understanding of how this works, check out How to use duplicate card check

As a counter fraud measure, TabaPay allows you to check if a specific card used in a transaction has been transacted before. This duplicate check allows you to request your consumers to provide you more information or allow you to decide whether to proceed with the transaction or not.


TabaPay Tokens (Account ID)

In order for TabaPay Duplicate Card Check to work, you must store your cards on the TabaPay Vault (Create Account API will be mandatory), and retrieve an Account ID, and use the Account ID with our TabaPay Unified API.

How Duplicate Card Check Works

Creating an account with TabaPay Overview of TabaPay Tokens allows you to check if the card has been used in the creation of an account before.

Create Account API can be accessed here


Unique Accounts for Unique Cards (Avoiding Multiple Accounts for the same Card)

Do not want to create different accounts for the same PAN? Simply specify whether you wish to create an account for a card for whom an account was already created before using the flag RejectDuplicateCard.

If you wish to create an account for the same PAN again, use OKToAddDuplicateCard.

Together, these flags allow you to create a fraud-free experience, where you disallow unique PANs from being used over and over in transactions (by fraudsters).

Use of these flags are particularly recommended for clients who are not PCI compliant, and will allow efficient tracking PAN-level activity.

If using RejectDuplicateCard, check for the response for Create Account:

  • If this a new PAN, then an account ID will be created
  • If this is a duplicate PAN, error 409 will be returned along with an array of associated account IDs created for that PAN (a maximum of 5 will be returned today)