Account Updater


TabaPay Account Updater automatically identifies Visa and Mastercard cards that have been replaced with a new card number or expiration date, and updates your stored customer payment details Overview of TabaPay Tokens with the new card data.

About one-third of card credentials change each year* which can significantly impact merchants and originators with credential-on-file and recurring billing business models. If customers neglect to provide timely updates to their account information, the transactions may be declined, resulting in a poor user experience and lost sales opportunities.

*Auriemma Consulting Group – Automatic and Recurring Card Payments, Cardbeat US, Issue 5 2016


Improved Auth Approval Rates: Since you automatically retrieve refreshed card information for Visa and MasterCard cards, the number of declined or late payments resulting from outdated card information is eliminated.
Improved Customer Experience: For merchants that have cards on file (COF) or offer auto-pay for recurring billing, it reduces the risk of late and declined payments, helps prevent service disruptions for customers, and avoids unnecessary churn.
Improved Cashflow: Maintains cashflow by reducing late and declined payments; bring down costs and effort associated with customer outreach due to outdated card details.

How it works

TabaPay accesses card updates from the Visa Account Updater and Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater services.


Card Updates

Issuers submit electronic updates to Visa and MasterCard when a cardholder’s account information changes. TabaPay integrates with card networks regarding cards on file; Visa and MasterCard respond and provide card number or expiration date updates, closed cards, and others.

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