✏️ Excessive Auth Integrity Fee (Canada)


Effective Dates:

  • Beginning April 1, 2024 MasterCard will introduce a threshold of 35 declined attempts within a 30-day period for the Excessive Authorization Attempts TPE program
  • Effective May 5, 2024, first billing occurs

Mastercard is revising the threshold for the Excessive Authorization Attempts Transaction Processing Excellence (TPE) program in the Canada region.

Beginning 1 April 2024, Mastercard is introducing a threshold of 35 declined attempts on the same account number, at the same card acceptor, and for the same amount within a 30-day period. Mastercard is taking this action to reinforce proper processing behavior surrounding repeated authorization declines. The first billing will be 5 May 2024.

The following pricing is for the Excessive Authorization Attempts TPE program (per identified declined transaction).

  • The threshold of 35 declines on the same account number, same card acceptor, and same amount within a 30- day period will be effective 1 April 2024, with the first billing on 5 May 2024.
  • Authorization declines in a 24-hour period count toward the 30-day period threshold, but Mastercard will not assess the fee twice for the same authorization decline.

The retry fee is $0.50/transaction effective May 5, 2024.

✏️ Supporting Visa Account Funding Transaction Processing and Visa Assessment Data


Effective February 20, 2024

Visa-branded Account Funding Transactions processed using MasterCard network will receive Visa Assessment Data from Visa.

✏️ Fraud Notification Service


Effective November 7, 2023

Mastercard is making changes to enhance the Fraud Notification Service (FNS) counter. Mastercard previously introduced the FNS counter. Today, the counter for the number of fraud chargebacks is 15 for each unique combination of primary account number (PAN), PAN expiration date, and token and virtual card number (VCN). The dynamics of commerce and fraud in the payment ecosystem continue to evolve. As such, Mastercard will increase this counter to 35 and systematically block any fraud chargebacks submitted that exceed this threshold.

Beginning 7 November 2023, Mastercard will increase the current FNS counter from 15 to 35 fraud chargebacks for each unique combination of PAN, PAN expiration date, and token and VCN. Mastercard adds the FNS date (the date of the second fraud-based chargeback, for example) and FNS counter (the number of fraud-based chargeback transactions, for example) to the clearing record containing the chargeback. Mastercard will systematically block fraud chargebacks that exceed this threshold.
Transactions authorized on or before 6 November 2023, are ineligible for fraud chargebacks when the FNS counter is between 16 and 35.

✏️ CNP Pre-Authorization Fee


Effective October 8, 2023

Effective 8 October 2023, Mastercard will begin charging all US merchants who use credit card pre-authorizations a 1.25bps (0.0125%) per transaction fee for pre-authorizations on Mastercard card-not-present (CNP) transactions with a minimum of $0.01. The fee will apply to preauthorization transactions that meet the following criteria:

The authorization was processed via the Mastercard Network

The authorization request is partially or fully approved

The authorization is identified as a preauthorization, data element = 4

Note: Debit card and Private Label transactions are exempt

✏️ Excessive Auth Integrity Fee (US)


Effective November 1, 2023

Effective 1 November 2023, merchants will incur fees if they retry a transaction more than 35 times in a 30-day period. As part of Mastercard's Transaction Processing Excellence Program (TPE)—a series of transaction monitoring initiatives to drive complaint behavior in the ecosystem—any further retry attempt(s) past the 35 allowed will incur a $0.15 per transaction fee. This retry fee will further increase to:

$0.30/transaction effective 1 January 2024 and

$0.50/transaction effective 1 January 2025