American Express

Requirements of accepting payments with American Express.

American Express Merchant Registration

TabaPay clients who wish to process American Express through TabaPay must provide the following information.


American Express Network Mandate

American Express requires the following information about the merchant upon registration:

Each UBO (Ultimate Beneficiary Owner's) must provide the following information:

  • First Name (Required)
  • Middle Name (Optional)
  • Last Name (Required)
  • Date of Birth (Required)

American Express BPP (Bill Payment Provider)

The following information is required to be present for every transaction at American Express for BPP participants.

Required fields
Bill Pay Provider name
Bill Pay Provider seller ID
Merchant / Sellers name
Merchant / Sellers street
Merchant / Sellers city
Merchant / Sellers state / region code
Merchant / Sellers country ISO code
Merchant / Sellers postal code
Merchant / Sellers phone number
Merchant / Sellers email address
Merchant / Sellers MCC

American Express® OptBlue™


Want to learn more about American Express® OptBlue™?

Refer here

Network Mandated Data Requirements
Email address must be provided and set up at DBA level
Business location address must be a physical address only (PO box address will be rejected)
Business owner's first and last name must be provided for each MID
Business owner's birthdate must be provided
Merchant must process less than $1M in annual Amex volume to be eligible for OptBlue – Business Agreements