User Permissions

Permissions can be granted by admin users as they create and manage other team users.

As an admin user, you can the grant any of the permissions you have enabled for your admin level. For example, if you're an "Admin" with all permissions, you can assign various permissions to a new user (Admin User B). However, Admin User B will only be able to grant the permissions they received to another new user (User C).

How to Grant User Permissions

You can grant the user permissions related to the following sections.


  • View Transaction Summary: Allows viewing of transaction summaries, including total counts, amounts, and limits for Pull and Push transactions.
  • View Transaction List: Enables access to recent transactions and their details.
  • Search Transactions: Grants the ability to search for transaction details.
  • Create Pull/Push Transaction: Allows creation of Pull or Push transactions.
  • Create Payment Request: Allows the creation of a payment request.
  • Void/Reverse/Refund/Delete Transactions: This enables the user to perform these actions on transactions, visible through a specific button on the transaction details page.


  • View Reports: Users can view and download various reports.
  • View Invoices: Grants the ability to view and download invoices.

Manage Users

  • Create Users: Enables creating new users, setting their permissions, and sending invites.
  • Edit Users: Allows modification of user permissions.
  • Delete Users: Grants the ability to remove a user's access from the portal. This only removes the user’s access, it does not delete the user’s data.
  • View User Activity: Users can view the activities of portal users.
  • Export User List: Enables exporting the user list.

Note: Users with any "Manage Users" permission can view and search the user list. Without these permissions, the "Manage Users" section under settings will not be visible.