Source of Funds


Doing Payment Transactions/OCTs? Domestic and/or Cross-Border?

Source of Funds is required on all Payment/OCT transactions for both Domestic and OCT transactions.

Effective 11 April 2025, transactions will be declined by Visa if the Source of Funds field is not populated
in all OCTs.

Please talk to your TabaPay Account Manager if you have questions.


Per the October 2024 Visa Mandate, Source of Funds is a required field on all OCTs - Domestic and Cross-border. TabaPay requires clients to pass this information via TabaPay's Unified Create Transaction API.


Required on both Domestic and Cross-border OCTs

Talk to your TabaPay Account Manager should you have questions.

How do I send this information?

TabaPay's Unified Create Transaction API supports clients to send in Source of Funds field.

Push transactions

In a push transaction, populate the Source of Funds field in the corresponding object in the Create Transaction API.