RTP for Sponsor Banks

Inlcude real time payments for your account holders.

Going Live with TabaPay

The following chart provides an overview of all the responsibilities that Sponsor Banks must fulfill before they go live with processing RTP transactions with TabaPay.

Sponsor Bank Responsibilities

RTP Use CaseResponsibilityRequired?
Financial Reconciliation and Settlement1. Subledger account within the TCH Federal Reserve Account
2. Real-time totals of all merchant RTP accounts
The sub-ledger account must always have a positive net position
Receiving RTP Messages - Standard1. Receive RTP Credit Transfers
2. Receive RTP Requests for Reversals
To be an RTP-Participating Bank, bank must have the ability to receive both messages.
Receiving RTP Messages - OthersReceive all other RTP Messages (Request For Pay, Request For Information, etc.)No
Sending RTP Messages1. Originate RTP Credit Transfers
2. Originate RTP Request for Reversals
3. Originate all other RTP Messages

API Integration with TabaPay

Sponsor Banks will be required to integrate with TabaPay for inbound and outbound credit transfers.

  1. For integration requirements for Inbound or Receive, please refer to RTP - Inbound or Receive
  2. For integration requirements for Outbound or Send, please refer to RTP - Outbound or Send

Boarding Sponsor Bank customers for RTP

Refer to Boarding Bank or ISO Customers for details on how TabaPay approaches boarding bank customers to TabaPay.

(Details required will vary for RTP)

Sponsor Bank merchant integrations with RTP will be based on the outline provided here RTP for Non-Bank Clients