BIN Files

A list of Bank Identification Numbers (BINs) on your platform.

TabaPay publishes BIN files for clients to reference. TabaPay updates these BIN files as soon as new BIN files are published.

Contact your TabaPay Representative for Access to Daily/Adhoc BIN Files

TabaPay Clients can request the files on a daily basis or ad-hoc.

Please contact your TabaPay representative, or email [email protected] to enable this service as well as for pricing details for obtaining files daily or on an ad-hoc basis.


Supported Files

We currently support three files:

  1. US BINs
  2. Canada BINs (coming soon)
  3. International BINs


BIN File Distribution

  1. BIN files are sent as a ZIP file.
  2. BIN files can be sent out daily.

BIN File Headers

Column Header Title Column Description
BIN Bank Identification Number. The first 6-9* digits of a card number.
*On occassion the BIN can be longer than 9-digits
Min Minimum number of digits of a card with BIN.
Max Maximum number of digits of a card with BIN
Type Card Type
Possible values:
D (Debit)
C (Credit)
P (PrePaid)
Fee Category Fee Category of BIN.
Possible Values:
A (Exempt)
R (Regulated)
Name Issuer Name
This column will contain NA if no issuer name
Currency Card Currency
Country Card Country
Disbursement BIN Enabled for Disbursements
Possible values:
Y (Yes)
N (No)
Disbursement Speed Disbursement Speed (Posting of Funds)
Possible values:
Next Business Day
Few Business Days
NA (Not push enabled)
Purchase BIN enabled for Purchases
Possible values:
Y (Yes)
N (No)
Purchase Type Purchase Message Type
Possible values:
SMS (Single)
Debit Type Debit Type of BIN
Possible values:
U (Unregulated)
R (Regulated)
Product Category Card Product Code