Boarding Bank or ISO Customers

Mustering the Host of the West

You're an Acquirer or an Acquirer's ISO or payment processor and you've integrated to our API to reach payment networks. You've fully vetted and plan to monitor your customers and you have gotten any necessary Visa or Mastercard approval on relevant use cases prior to boarding.

You are ready to board them as merchants to enable their payment services.

Boarding requests are initiated by emailing [email protected] when a completed Sub-Merchant Boarding spreadsheet is uploaded via a Dropbox link that is provided to you. The Sponsor Bank must be the sender or ISOs must cc the on the bank in the email. The subject line should read: “Boarding Request - BANK - ISO NAME: [MERCHANT NAME MID]”

A completed Sub-Merchant Boarding spreadsheet contains all the following information:

Basic Merchant Information

  • Merchant name and DBA name (if any)
  • TaxID
  • Address
  • Merchant Contact Phone number
  • Customer service phone number (if different)
  • URL (for online merchant) or Terminal location (for brick & mortar merchant)

Business and Product Information

  • Statement descriptor (FI truncates at 22 characters)
  • MCC
  • High $ (per transaction cap)
  • Daily aggregate max
  • Business Type
  • Use Case (Detailed description of the reason for the payment TabaPay is supporting)
  • Purchase type: Retail, eCommerce, Virtual Terminal (VT)
  • Payment Type:
  • Card Types (Debit, Prepaid, Credit)
  • Cross-border or Domestic, listing all cross border countries (Visa and Mastercard have to have approved the list of countries receiving disbursements)

List of Networks requested

  • Proof of Visa and Mastercard approval on relevant use cases
  • Sponsorship forms for regional networks (4-6 weeks to add)

Bank account information (as applicable as seen here)

AML Triggers at PAN/Card level (as seen here)