Milestone 3: Network Approval and Implementation

Journey Through Moria

Should you find yourself here, it's because you're trying to reach card networks and a special combination of your specific use case, sponsor bank, and desired network reach has led you here. Like banks, all networks have unique rules and processes.

TabaPay can also register you for network programs that give special treatment to merchants and use cases that meet certain conditions. Find out if you qualify by clicking here.


Networks want to review me. Why?

As a rule of thumb, use cases that involve money transmission activity (like either end of a remittance or account-to-account transaction) always need to undergo some level of network approval.

Certain MCC codes also trigger high brand risk registration requirements, like any gaming, gambling, or fantasy sports merchant.

Feeling lost in a forest of idiosyncratic rules? Don't worry! We'll lend our expertise to guide you through.

Use CaseVisaMastercard
Account funding (pull)YY
Account offloads (push)YY
Debiting a person-to-person transaction (pull)YY
Crediting a person-to-person transaction (push)YY
Corporate-funded disbursementsIt depends on the Sponsor Bank, but generally speaking Visa does not need to review or approve disbursements initiated by low risk merchants to vetted cardholdersIt depends on the Sponsor Bank, but generally speaking Mastercard does not need to review or approve disbursements initiated by low risk merchants to vetted cardholders
eCommerce purchase or Repayment transactions (pull)N for any low risk MCCN for any low risk MCC

Global Card Brands

Once Mastercard and Visa have provided any potentially necessary approvals, they can be added as soon as you finish certifying to our API, we have all the necessary account and reporting configurations, the agreement is fully executed.


Cross Border:

  1. Merchants disbursing cross-border must sanction screen recipients

  2. Visa and Mastercard have to approve all countries receiving disbursements. Not all countries are enabled to receive disbursements. For a list of eligible countries, contact your Sales Representative or email [email protected]

Find out if you qualify for special network programs here


To reach AMEX cards, you or your customers (if you are processing for sub-merchants) will have to set up a merchant account with AMEX and receive an SEI number that TabaPay will need to be able to process. You or your customers can start by calling either the general line, 1-800-528-5200, or the direct line, 1-800-445-2639, open 8am-8pm EST. AMEX will take down the business's information as part of their merchant account application. The authorized signer of the account will need to be on the call to listen to 2-3 minutes of legal disclosures and AMEX will need their information, but does not have to be one the entire call. They recommend she/he be on the call for those 2-3 minutes. The average turnaround to open an account is 24 hours is the average, but it can sometimes take up to 72 hours to assign the SEI number and any entity that accepts cards on behalf of another entity (i.e. a B2B business platform), is subject to additional review and we cannot guarantee turnaround. Once approved you would receive an email from AMEX with all the welcoming documentation. Please then email the SEIN to [email protected], requesting addition of AMEX network.

US Regional Networks

Pulse, Discover, Star, NYCE, and Accel can all only be added after you have completed certifying to our API. Regionals typically approve bill payment or money transfer activity and implementations take 4-6 weeks.