Processing American Express® OptBlue™


About American Express® OptBlue™

The American Express® OptBlue™ Program is designed to increase acceptance of cards among small merchants without paying higher merchant fees. The program allows participating merchants the benefit of a single statement, one settlement process for all major card brand activity...all while offering wholesale rates to participating clients.

Qualification Criteria

  • SMBs processing less than $1MM per year in American Express® transactions
  • US Domestic transactions
  • Purchase (Pull) payments only and cannot be used for lending or debt repayment programs

Use Cases

  • Tipping Industry: Accept cashless tips
  • Digital billing: Utility and service payments
  • E-commerce programs: Digital goods sale
  • Gaming and Fantasy sports


With American Express® OptBlue™, you enjoy:

  • Simplified payments: All major card brands in one settlement, in one schedule, in one statement. Reconciliation gets easy!
  • Improved rates: Offer affordable rates lowering your cost of acceptance of American Express cards...and letting your customers choose how they want to pay
  • Improved user experience: More appealing for your customers when they have extra flexibility with payment options


Getting Started

If you are an existing TabaPay client, there is no amendment to your contract or additional paperwork. There is no setup fee, and the setup is complete in a few business days.

Send an email to [email protected] with the subject line: "Merchant Name_OptBlue setup" to get started.

Data Requirements for American Express® OptBlue™ Setup


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