Milestone 2: Sponsor Bank Approval

Get approved to accept payments, hold and payout funds.

TabaPay is partnered with 15+ Sponsor Banks to help find the right fit for your company based on your business model and the use case you would like us to help support.

Milestone 1 outlines the minimum requirements spanning all Sponsor Banks and our team will let you know if your particular Sponsor Bank expects anything extra.

We expect to be able to answer any questions they ask because of the review we've conducted. Sometimes - if you're a pioneer tapping into a brand new market - we may lean on you slightly more. We try to get our customers approved within 2 weeks of submitting to the bank.


Disbursement Account:

If your program includes disbursement (push) activity, you will need an account at the Sponsor Bank. The process to open an account varies by Sponsor Bank - some of our partners will require a separate bank account application, others will require secondary government issued-IDs, your specific program may even have unique requirements. Our team will let you know what's needed as part of our review.