Chargebacks (Daily)

The Chargebacks Report lists all cases opened in the past 150 days and their current status. For most case types, the merchant receives a provisional credit at the time of representment (ie when the merchant’s evidence is submitted to the network/issuer to dispute a chargeback case). This means that when a chargeback case reaches its final status funds may not move because the merchant has already been credited, hence the importance of referring to the status mapping document for the Chargebacks reports (please reach out to [email protected] to request the chargeback status mapping document).

The primary unique data point that will be found in the Chargebacks Report (and not the Exceptions Report) is the action status of “Documentation Received” (which reflects that TabaPay has received evidence from a merchant for a specific chargeback case)

Cases will drop off the Chargebacks Report 150 days after the exception date.

1ISO4-Digit ID assigned by TabaPay
2MIDMerchant ID (Identifies a specific program/merchant under the ISO)
3Merchant Reference IDreferenceID sent by the merchant in the Create Transaction API request
4Original Transaction IDtransactionID sent by TabaPay in the Create Transaction API response
5Exception IDUnique reference number generated by TabaPay for each chargeback case; must be used as the name of the evidence document.
6Exception typeCHARGEBACK
7Exception CodeNetwork-specific reason code that identifies the evidence the merchant must provide to win the case.
8Exception DescriptionDescription corresponding to the network Exception Code
9Exception DateDate exception (chargeback) posted
10Action-StatusIndicates the status of the chargeback based on the movement of funds and logs the date the corresponding evidence document is uploaded by the merchant to TabaPay.
11Status DateDate of most recent change in Action Status
12Days OpenDays since last movement of funds
13Network Transaction IDAcquirer Reference Number (ARN)
14Original Creation DateDate/Time (GMT) original Transaction Request was created
15Original Processed DateDate/Time (GMT) original Transaction processed at the Network
16Original Transaction TypePurchase
17Exception SourceIf "Exception type" = CHARGEBACK, exception source = Settlement
If "Exception type" = REPRESENTMENT, exception source = the exception network
18Exception DestinationIf "Exception type" = CHARGEBACK, exception destination = the exception network
If "Exception type" = REPRESENTMENT, exception destination = Settlement
19Exception NetworkNetwork card scheme.
20Last 4Last 4 of beneficiary card (add “0s” in front of number if less than 4 digits)
21Original Settled AmountOriginal transaction amount
22Exception Settled AmountAmount disputed by cardholder. May differ from the Original Settled Amount in the case of a partial chargeback or due to differences in the exchange rate.
23TabaPay FeeTabaPay Fee for the chargeback
24Network FeeNetwork Fee for the chargeback
25InterchangeInterchange for the chargeback
26Memomemo passed in the Create Transaction request.
27CB IDCase ID assigned by the card network.
28FirstnameFirst name
29LastnameLast name
30Network IDTransaction ID assigned by the card network.