Chargebacks (Daily)

Position in CSVCSV FieldNotes
5Exception IDUnique reference number generated by TabaPay for each chargeback case; must be used as the name of the evidence document.
7Exception CodeNetwork-specific exception code that identifies the evidence the merchant must provide to win the case.
8Exception DescriptionDescription corresponding to the network Exception Code
9Exception DateDate exception (chargeback) posted
10Action StatusIndicates the status of the chargeback based on the movement of funds and logs the date the corresponding evidence document is uploaded by the merchant to TabaPay.
11Status DateDate of most recent change in Action Status
12Days OpenDays since last movement of funds
13Network Transaction IDEquivalent to ARN; (Acquirer Reference Number) merchants should use this number to reference the original transaction
19Exception NetworkAccel, Discover, MasterCard, NYCE, PULSE, Star, or Visa
20Last 4Last 4 of beneficiary card (add “0s” in front of number if less than 4 digits)
22Exception Settled AmountAmount disputed by cardholder