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Accept payments or pay out funds with a unified API integration.

Speed up your payments using TabaPay's instant payments solutions:

  • Utilize TabaPay's Unified API for all your needs. One API - for push and pull - for cards and bank accounts - for all payment rails - card networks, our extensive debit card network, and RTP.
  • Enjoy greater financial flexibility for you and your customers with shorter settlement times
  • Enable greater customer experiences due to the immediate satisfaction that instant payments bring - for instant account funding and instant payouts.

Traditionally, payments take days to settle, but with TabaPay's instant payments, we can provide you instant access to funds. Funds, that can be immediately used to improve your cashflow positions, ship goods, reconcile invoices, and overall, offer better customer experiences.

Instant Payments for all Fintech Use Cases

TabaPay's instant payments are available 24/7/365, processed in real-time, and are immediately available for recipient’s use. With our wide payments coverage, you can provide a real-time experience for both sending and receiving parties.

Utilize TabaPay to disburse funds, collect payments, and fund accounts...instantly!

Benefits of Instant Payments

  • No reduced sensitive data sharing: Sending financial institutions authorize the payment in real-time. For this reason, there is no need for credentials to be shared outside their secure environment.
  • No chargebacks: Once the sender has invoked the payment and the sending financial institution has authorized it, the payment is settled in real time.
  • No insufficient funds: Because the sending financial institution authorized the payment at the point in time invoked by the sender.
  • Real time "good funds": Interbank funds sent over the RTP or Card networks are available instantly - unlike ACH payments which are typically made overnight with the funds only arriving at the recipient’s account the next day.

Behind every instant payment request sent by you, TabaPay analyzes speed and cost of transaction with eligible networks, and allow a fully compliant movement of funds from the sender to the recipient.

MultiBank Sponsorship

TabaPay's network of partner banks allows our clients to easily find matching sponsor bank(s). This network allows fintech clients to leverage our sponsor bank network to offer their use cases without the hassle of bank sponsorships.

Our technology supports one or more multiple banks for a client - this solves for redundancy, potentially multiple use cases, and enables flexible business functions.


TabaPay Bank Partners

See a full list of banks that we partner with.

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Leverage TabaPay's lowest costs to enable instant account funding, instant payouts, bill payments, and remittances to your customers. Our transparent and easy pricing allows you to lower the cost of your transaction, and instead focus on providing the best user experience possible to your customers. Wherever possible, TabaPay also allows you to query transaction fees upfront so you can optimize the transaction costs on your end. TabaPay provides:

  • Direct Connections to card networks​
  • Least-Cost Routing technology to national and lower-cost regional networks​
  • Specialized interchange programs for debt repayment, AFT, Level 2/3, Bill Pay
  • B2B Programs using Corporate and Commercial cards? Talk to us about Level 2/3 Support for lower interchange with the networks


TabaPay is integrated with multiple providers at once giving you the ability to access a better coverage of transfers.

  • Real-time Payments (RTP) - typically completed within seconds using TCH’s RTP network of participating financial institutions
  • Push to Card (Debit network push payments) - using existing payment rails (Visa Direct and MasterCard Moneysend) of debit card networks to send funds instantly to cards. Transactions are not restricted to card networks’ proprietary debit networks, but to virtually any debit card (across supported countries)
  • Push to Account - allows you to push to any bank account in over 150+ countries.
  • FedNow: FedNow is the Federal Reserve’s new real-time payment rail. Coming soon.


Tabapay guarantees security of our services, and you can trust that your integrations are 100% compliant with regulatory requirements. We are:

  • A PCI Level 1 Service Provider
  • SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II Certified.

In addition, we offer a wide range of tools to mitigate and eliminate fraud:

  • 3D Secure (3DS) on Web and Mobile
  • Daily AML Transaction Reports that help you monitor activity
  • Customizable transaction limits at program and PAN level


TabaPay APIs offer a flexible approach to all your implementation needs - from a unified API for all instant payment needs, to configuring it for various use cases, to choosing your settlement configurations - regardless of the use case you want to offer to your end users.

We also enable a variety of pre-transaction and transaction checks to be compliant with in-country regulatory requirements as well as to reduce the risk of your transaction. These checks can be optionally performed before commencing a transaction, and they are available a la carte depending on the nature of your implementation and use case.


We can support businesses registered with legal business addresses in US and Canada.

We can also support international card acceptance and cross-border disbursements into all countries allowed by your Sponsor Bank and global card brands, MasterCard and Visa. Global card brands have a requirement that recipients of disbursement transactions be sanction screened, which we and Sponsor Banks enforce and we can also help you solve for. For a sanctions list view the Watchdog Sanction Screening product.

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