Apple Pay

Set Up and Integrate Apple Pay with TabaPay's APIs

Getting Started?

  1. Register as an ApplePay merchant

  2. Have the ability to decrypt an Apple Pay Token and extract the following fields:

  • applicationPrimaryAccountNumber
  • applicationExpirationDate
  • transactionAmount
  • currencyCode
  • cardholderName
  • onlinePaymentCryptogram
  • eciIndicator
  • transactionID

How Do I Integrate ApplePay with TabaPay?

ApplePayPaymentToken Details
Key Value Description Notes
data String
Base-64 Encoded
Encrypted Payment Data (Payment Data Dictionary) Decrypt to get the PaymentMethodToken. Once decrypted, extract the PaymentDataKeys
header object Header Dictionary
Additional version-dependent information used to decrypt and verify the payment.
Decrypt to get the HeaderKeys.
signature String
Base-64 Encoded
Detached PKCS#7 Signature of the payment and header data. The signature includes the signing certificate, its intermediate CA certificate, and information about the signing algorithm.
version String Version information about the payment token.
The token uses EC_v1 for ECC-encrypted data, and RSA_v1 for RSA-encrypted data.
Apple Pay Mapping To TabaPay card.mobilePay object
TabaPay card.mobilePay object Field ApplePay Field Notes
accountNumber applicationPrimaryAccountNumber Pseudo-PAN
In ApplePayPaymentToken's PaymentDataKeys object
expirationDate applicationExpirationDate Convert Apple Pay Format: YYMMDD to TabaPay Format: YYYYMM
In ApplePayPaymentToken'sPaymentDataKeys object
cryptogram onlinePaymentCryptogram Visa is 28 bytes (base64) or 40 bytes (hex)
MasterCard is base64 (up to 81 bytes)
In ApplePayPaymentToken'sPaymentDataKeys.paymentData object
eci eciIndicator Optional (Usually present only for Visa cards)
In ApplePayPaymentToken'sPaymentDataKeys.paymentData object
transactionID transactionID Visa is 64 bytes (base64) or 128 bytes (hex)
MasterCard is 44 bytes (base64)
In ApplePayPaymentToken'sHeaderKeys object

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