Lookup Codes

Authentication Indicator

Use one of the below values in "authenticationIndicator" field in Lookup:

Value Description
01 Payment transaction
02 Recurring transaction
03 Installment transaction
04 Add card
05 Maintain card
06 Cardholder verification as part of EMV token ID&V

Transaction Mode

Use one of the below values in "transactionMode" in Lookup:

Value Description
M Moto (Mail Order Telephone Order)
P Mobile Device
R Retail (Physical Store)
S Computer Device
T Tablet

Transaction Type

Currently, C is the only acceptable value

Product Code

Use one of the below values for "proudctCode" in Lookup:

Value Description
PHY Goods/Service Purchase
CHA Check Acceptance
ACF Account Funding
QCT Quasi-Cash Transaction
PAL Prepaid Activiation and Load