3DS Challenge Results


After the challenge is completed

The 3DS SDK will trigger:

  1. Android:onValidated()
  2. iOS: stepUpDidValidate
  3. Songbird.js: "payments.validated"

This is how the 3DS SDK hands back control to the merchant's application. This event will include data on how the transaction attempt ended and should be where you review the results of the transaction and make decisions regarding the next steps. The field ActionCode should be used to determine the overall state of the transaction. On the first pass, we recommend that on an ActionCode of 'SUCCESS' you send the response JWT toAuthenticate API for verification.

SUCCESSAuthentication was completed successfully. You will have a UCAF, ECIFlag, and XID to send during authorization.
CANCELTransaction canceled by the user.
ERRORAn error was encountered. Refer to ErrorNumber and ErrorDescription for more details on the error. If a Payment object is present you may have additional details in the ReasonCode and ReasonDescription fields within the Payment object
FAILUREAuthentication resulted in a failure - this includes the end user failing authentication.
NOACTIONAuthentication was not applicable and no service level errors were encountered. When the ErrorNumber is 0, generally this means you may move on to authorization, but be aware the transaction may not be eligible for liability shift.
TIMEOUTReturned when the challenge process reaches or exceeds the timeout interval that is specified during the cca_continue call.