HTTP Status Codes


Error Treatment

  • A 400 Series Error is usually something that you can fix by changing something in your request.
    • A 500 Series Error is usually something that you need to contact us ([email protected]) to look at.
    • If we determine that a 500 Series Error can be fixed by you, we will try to change this error situation to a 400 Series Error in a future code release.
Status Code Status Description
200 OK The API Request was successfully processed.
201 Created Transaction Created, but Transaction Processing is Pending (batch).
207 Multi-Status One or more upstream processing failed.
400 Bad Request The ResourceID is invalid
The Request Data is invalid.
401 UnAuthorized The Authorization Token is invalid
The IP Address is invalid (not whitelisted).
403 Forbidden Invalid permissions to access the Resource.
404 Not Found The ResourceID does not point to a valid Resource.
405 Method Not Allowed Request Method Not Allowed for the Requested Resource.
406 Not Acceptable Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) found something invalid in your request.
409 Conflict ReferenceID already used
Conflicting Request Parameters.
410 Gone The Resource pointed to by the ResourceID has been marked for deletion.
415 Unsupported Media Type Content-type must be application/json.
421 Misdirected Request Too late to Retrieve by ReferenceID, use AccountID or TransactionID.
422 Unprocessable Entity The Resource pointed to by the ResourceID is in an invalid state
The Transaction Amount exceeded one or more Limits.
423 Locked The Resource pointed to by the ResourceID is locked.
429 Too Many Requests Retrieve: Too many requests, please do not poll.
Create Transaction: Over your Daily (24-hour rolling) Approximation Limit.
431 Request Header Fields Too Large Too many HTTP Header Lines and/or HTTP Header Lines too big.
500 Server Error There was a problem processing the Request.
502 Bad Gateway Problem connecting to an Application Server.
503 Service Unavailable Your request cannot be processed, should be only a Temporary Condition.
504 Gateway Timeout Connection to an Application Server timed out.