Coding Issues

My Program doesn't work?

Please provide the full Request and Response. If there was an error, the full error message (exception) and if available any stack trace. The more details, the better we can help you, and the faster we can help you.

If you contact TabaPay support, please send your Request and Response:

Request should include:

  • Date and Time of the Request and Time Zone (we have many Clients in many different parts of the world)
  • URL
  • Request Method (Get, Post, Put, or Delete)
  • Request Data (JSON), if any

Response should include:

  • HTTP Status Code
  • Response Data, if any
  • (usually) JSON
  • (but can be) HTML
  • Exception and Stack Trace, if any


We have a WAF, Web Applicaiton Firewall, in front of all internet facing systems. So if our WAF detects something funny, such as something in the OWASP Top 10, your request will get rejected with SC=406.


If you are getting a HTTP Status Code of 400 on the Production Environment, that usually means you are not handling these errors correctly on your end. We strongly recommend completing the Production Certification Test in its entirety, specifically the portion where we recommend integrating your application with our API calls.