Pre-Transaction Checks


All transactions go through our Unified API

When we mention our "Unified API", we are talking about our Create Transaction API.

All transaction use cases use the same API call, what changes are the body params you use.


Before your application can create transactions:

Before you begin creating transactions left and right, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind. Some of these pre-transaction API calls are required for some use cases. Read on to learn more.


Are these APIs enabled for you?

In order to use the following APIs please check with [email protected] to make sure they have been enabled on your account.

Bank Query API


If you would like RTP

You would need to discuss this with our sales team. See if you qualify today!

If you are doing RTP as part of your service. First, you need to make sure you are enabled to use it on TabaPay. Second, you need to call the Bank Query API before a transaction to make sure that the destination bank is enabled for RTP.

If the bank is enabled for RTP, then you can create an RTP transaction. You need to make sure you specify type RTP in achOptions, along with Routing Number and Routing Number (Push or Pull depending on whether it is Send or Receive)

Key API (For RSA encryption)

The Key API is used to generate, retrieve, or delete an RSA encryption key. This encryption key is generally used to encrypt card holder data when you send it to us. An example use case is implementing the TabaPay card entry application flow with the TabaPay RSA key support (“Mobile OS Support”).

TabaPay keys are valid for up to 1 year.

Card Query API

If you want to create a transaction using a card, you should use our Card API to see what options are available for that card. For example, is the card enabled for push and/or pull?

This is also the API you would use to run an Address Verification Service (AVS) check on a card. To learn more about AVS read our Address Verification Service (AVS) guide and/or our How to use AVS guide.

Example Response:
  "SC": 200,
  "EC": "0",
  "card": {
    "pull": {
      "enabled": true,
      "network": "Visa",
      "regulated": true,
      "currency": "840",
      "country": "840"
    "push": {
      "enabled": true,
      "network": "Visa",
      "type": "Debit",
      "regulated": true,
      "currency": "840",
      "country": "840",
      "availability": "Immediate"
  "AVS": {
    "networkRC": "85",
    "resultText": "NOT DECLINED",
    "codeAVS": "Z",
    "codeSecurityCode": "M",
    "EC": "0"


Card Query API is enabled by default on Sandbox


For more information on how to use the 3DS API, please go to our How to use the 3DS APIs documentation.


Please use this link to learn more about our OFAC Screening | Watchdog API.

Account API

TabaPay stores and manages payment cards and bank accounts securely for you. We call this TabaPay Tokens (aka TabaPay Vault). Please follow the TabaPay Tokens guide for more information.


Account API is enabled by default on Sandbox