Using Plaid Tokens to Process

Got Plaid tokens? You can process ACH, RTP, and FedNow* with TabaPay

Did you know that you can send a Plaid token to enable payments processing with TabaPay? TabaPay is integrated with multiple Issuer Processors who provide a token for a payment instrument (payment card or bank account).

How Plaid Tokens with TabaPay Works

If you are in possession of a Plaid token, our unified API, Create Transaction API, allows you to pass the processor token value to TabaPay.

TabaPay will de-tokenize the Plaid token using our integration with the processor, and obtain the underlying payment instrument.

Once TabaPay receives the payment instrument, we enable it for payments processing based on your configuration: ACH or RTP or FedNow ( coming soon)

Processor Tokens in Unified API

Refer Create Transaction API for changes.


Next steps?

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