Settlement Options and Configuration

Settlement Options:

Configuration Item Description Option Chosen
Settlement Gross settlement: Purchase deposit separate from Disbursement debit

Net settlement: a net amount is settled Purchase-Disbursements. If negative a debit is initiated on the account.
Exceptions Gross: Exceptions are debited are credited separately from settlement

Net: Exceptions are debited or credited against the Purchase proceeds
Fee Frequency Interchange and network fees are debited daily

Other options: requires approval
Fee Settlement Gross: a separate fee debit is sent daily

Net: the fees are debited against the purchase proceeds. If negative net amount then a debit is sent to the account designated for Purchases
Convenience Fee XXXXX XXXX

Account Options:

Configuration Item Description Option Chosen
Purchase Account Account used to receive the Purchase deposit. Deposit is less refunds.
Disbursement Account Account used to fund disbursements. This account must be at acquiring bank
Adjustment Account Account used for Chargebacks and Representments
Fee Account Account used for daily fee debit

Additional ISO Options:

Configuration Item Description Option Chosen
Settlement ISO level settlement: All funds are settled at the ISO level

Merchant level settlement: funds are settled for each merchant. Each merchant must provide unique account and settlement options
Reports Reports can be delivered to the ISO or Merchant
Fee type A merchant discount rate or interchange++ can be configured. The daily merchant debit for fees can be the ISO’s fees to the merchant. TabaPay can credit the residual ISO fees daily or monthly
Fees ISO or merchant: Does the ISO or merchant pay the daily interchange and assessments.