Cross-Border Considerations

This section outlines guidelines when performing cross-border transactions using TabaPay APIs.

Checks for Cross-border Disbursements or Payouts to Cards

In order to ensure that payouts are being processed ONLY to countries that you support and are eligible, we request you to check the Country/Currency Code of the destination card.

TabaPay's Query Card API verifies the country/currency code corresponding to the Card BIN.

Step 1: Invoke Query Card. The response contains details whether the card is eligible for 'Push' along with its country/currency details.

Step 2: Check and Proceed - Once you retrieve the currency/country details, check if the destination country is supported and eligible for payouts.

If the country is eligible and supported for payouts, proceed with TabaPay's Unified API (Create Transaction API)

Network Mandates


Current Network Mandates

Sanction screening of recipients is a requirement and sponsor banks have different ways of fulfilling the obligation. Reach out to [email protected] for more information on your specific instructions and learn more about sanction screening by visiting our OFAC Screening page

Please then take a moment to understand the impact that Network Mandates have on your current processing systems.


Test Cards

For international test cards please visit:

  1. Visa Internation test cards
  2. Mastercard International test cards