Managing User Actions

There are several actions you can take to manage a user including the following:

Editing permissionsResending user invites
Revoking user invitesDeleting a user
Viewing user activityExporting the User List

How to Manage Your Users

Sign into your account, and navigate to the User Permissions page. The following steps will lead you to manage

Editing a User

  1. If you have the Edit User permission, an edit icon will be visible next to each user in the user list.
  2. Click the icon to open a module for editing the user's permissions.

Resending a User Invite

  1. If a user's status is "Invited", you can choose to resent the invite.
  2. You'll see an option to resend the invite, which will resend a new invitation email with a new link.

Revoking a User Invite

  1. If a user's status is "Invited", you can choose to revoke the invite.
  2. You can revoke the invite, which immediately expires the user's invitation link.

Deleting a User

  1. The user must be "Active", and you need the "Delete User" permission.
  2. Click the delete icon next to the user.
  3. Confirm the deletion by entering the user's email
  4. Clicking the Confirm Delete button.

Note: Deleting a user only removes the user’s access to portal they’re status in the user list will show “Deleted”, it does not delete the user’s data. You can reactivate a user, by sending the user can invite.

Viewing a User’s Activity

  1. With the right admin permissions, you can view user activity.
  2. Select the View User Activity option for a user.

The following will appear:

  • A summary of the user's actions and their status.
  • User ID (email) of the person who performed the action.
  • Timestamp of the action.
  • Specific action taken and the reference ID (indicating the affected user).
  • Option to click into an action for more detailed information.

Exporting the User List

  1. With the "Export User List" permission, an Export User List button will be visible at the top of the user list.
  2. Click this button to download a CSV file of the current view of the user list.
  3. The download will include first name, last name, permissions, and status.

Note: If your list spans multiple pages, you may need to paginate to download additional users.