Compelling Evidence

Network recommendations for compelling evidence are listed below.

Merchant information☐ Merchant name
☐ Merchant URL
☐ Merchant contact information
Explanation of the Merchant’s reasons for disputing the chargeback☐ Clear explanation of the product or services provided by the Merchant to the Cardholder. (Do not assume Issuer’s familiarity with the Merchant’s business.)
☐ Compelling evidence, which must prove all the following:

- The true Cardholder was behind the transaction
- The merchant delivered its services as promised to the Cardholder
- The Cardholder had access to and received the benefit of those services
☐ Clearly explain how the documentation provided directly addresses the chargeback reason code.
☐ Do not rely on the issuer to extract information from the evidence documents. (For example, explain the relevance of excerpted Terms & Conditions and User Agreements, and highlight key information from invoices, statements, and receipts.)
☐ Dispute-related documentation must be provided in English or accompanied by an English translation.
Cardholder information☐ Full name
☐ Billing address
☐ Phone number
☐ Email

The issuing bank will expect all the above to match the information they have on file for their cardholder
Incremental data about the Transaction environment☐ IP address
☐ Name of device
☐ Device ID number
☐ Device geographical location at the date and time of the Transaction

The data elements above should correspond to information the Merchant has logged during previous undisputed transactions with the same Cardholder
Transaction details☐ Date and time of the Transaction
☐ Network ID
☐ Copy of the Cardholder’s Transaction receipt (invoice, contract, etc.)
☐ AVS return code indicating an AVS match.
☐ CVV2/CID results code from the authorization message
Terms & Conditions☐ Excerpt relevant Merchant Terms & Conditions based on the chargeback reason code
☐ Provide evidence that the Cardholder had access to the Merchant Terms & Conditions at the time of Transaction.
☐ Maintain a publicly accessible link to the Terms & Conditions
Refund and cancellation policy☐ Provide documentation to support that the Merchant’s limited return or cancellation policy was properly disclosed and agreed to at the time of sale
☐ Excerpt relevant portions of the refund and cancellation policy to demonstrate that the Cardholder did not adhere to the disclosed policy
Evidence of the Merchant’s relationship with the Cardholder☐ Evidence that the account set up on the Merchant’s website or application was successfully verified by the Merchant before or on the Transaction Date
☐ Evidence that the customer password was re-entered on the Merchant’s website or application at the time of purchase
☐ Evidence of one or more non-disputed payments for the same merchandise or service
Evidence that the Cardholder is using the merchandise or services☐ Evidence, such as photographs or emails, to prove a link between the person receiving the merchandise or services and the Cardholder, or to prove that the Cardholder disputing the Transaction is in possession of the merchandise and/or is using the merchandise or services.
☐ Evidence that the Merchant’s website or application was accessed by the Cardholder for merchandise or services on or after the Transaction Date
For a Card-Absent Environment TransactionEvidence that the Transaction used the following in a previous, undisputed Transaction:
☐ IP address
☐ Email address
☐ Physical address
☐ Telephone number
Recurring Transactions☐ A legally binding contract held between the Merchant and the Cardholder
☐ The Cardholder is using the merchandise or services
☐ A previous Transaction that was not disputed
For a US Domestic Card-Present Environment Transaction that is key-entered and did not take place at a Chip-Reading DeviceOne of the following:
☐ Evidence that the same Card used in the disputed Transaction was used in any previous or subsequent Transaction that was not disputed
☐ Copy of both:

- Identification presented by the Cardholder
- Receipt, invoice, or contract with information that links to the identification presented by the Cardholder
Evidence that the dispute is invalid☐ Evidence that the Cardholder no longer disputes the Transaction (please provide a letter or email from the Cardholder that states that they no longer dispute the Transaction.)
☐ Documentation of the credit or reversal, including the amount, the date it was processed, and the Network ID (field 33 in the Transactions report).