TabaPay Tokens

Store and manage bank accounts and payment cards.

TabaPay stores and manages payment cards and bank accounts securely for you. We call this TabaPay Tokens (aka TabaPay Vault).

This capability allows you to be an efficient fintech while letting us manage the burden of PCI-DSS compliance for you. While we take on the complexities of storing these payment instruments safely and securely, you get to focus on your core value proposition!

For every payment card or bank account, TabaPay validates the incoming payment instrument and stores them as Account ID. This Account ID is what is provided back to you, so you do not have to manage the 16-digit payment card number or bank account. You will be able to utilize the Account ID within our Unified API (Create Transaction API) to Push and Pull.

In addition to storing these cards and bank accounts in a safe, secure, and compliant manner, we also update the accounts using our regular Account Updater refreshes with the card networks.

We also allow you to control the type of payment instruments you want to deal with - whether or not to consider duplicate cards to create accounts or not. This is especially helpful when you want to allow householding of payment cards in a family vs disallowing the same card from being used under multiple accounts for fear of fraud - lost or stolen card scenarios.


Best Practices - When in your flow should you create TabaPay Tokens (TabaPay Account ID)?

In order to convert only "good" cards to TabaPay Tokens, as part of our best practices, TabaPay advices clients to create TabaPay Tokens (i.e. trigger Create Account API) after:

  • Query Card API is invoked and the card is validated to be in good standing.

Creating TabaPay Tokens

Utilize the Create Account API to create TabaPay Tokens.

Utilizing TabaPay Tokens in TabaPay Unified API

Use the Account ID to create transactions - pull or push - with the TabaPay Unified API.

Our Unified API allows you to use the Account ID either as the Source Account ID or Destination Account ID depending on whether you are performing a Pull or a Push transaction. Remember to only provide the Account ID when initiating the request. (It will not work if you try to initiate a transaction with both, an account (payment card or bank account) AND the Account ID)


Duplicate Card Checks with TabaPay Tokens

TabaPay offers checks against same PAN being used repeatedly under different accounts. Refer to Duplicate Card Check to understand how this works.

Get Started with some Code Samples!

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