Settlement of reversal(delete transaction)

Are we supposed to receive a CSV file with the delete transaction(reversal) API ? Are we should use the successful response in the API itself and assume it is settled?

Optionally run AVS on non-USA Cards?

Hello, Happy New Year! I would like to run AVS on cards that are USA based, however skip AVS when card is international, since TabaPay doesn't support AVS on international cards ( How can I accomplish this? - Is there a way to Card Query & optionally AVS if it's USA based? - Is there a way to tell if a card is international such that I don't run AVS on it? Thanks!

SubClient Creation > TIN Error

Hello, I'm creating a SubClient in the following format, however not using exact data, as this is in production: ``` { "name": "TabaSlims", "tin": "01-0123456", "type": "LLC", "email": "[email protected]", "address": { "line1": "605 Ellis Street", "city": "Mountain View", "state": "CA", "zipcode": "94043", "country": "840" }, "phone": { "countryCode": "1", "number": "4159808222" }, "mcc": "1234" } ``` And I'm getting the following error: ``` { "SC": 400, "EC": "22110122", "EM": "tin" } ``` Which is odd as the TIN looks fine to me, it's matching the format described on wikipedia: "An EIN is usually written in form 00-0000000" Source: Any tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Reversal of transaction

I was looking to get some insights into the reversal option in the API Does tabapay refund the money to the user?

SubClient Creation > Settlement, Fees, & Reserve Account optional or required?

Hello, In creating SubClients with Settlement, Fees, & Reserve Account not passed I'm getting 406 Not Acceptable, whereas the documentation ( does not mark them as required. - Are Settlement, Fees, & Reserve Account all required? If not, which ones? - Tabular View does not seem to be working here too btw: Request: ``` { "name": "TabaSlim", "tin": "123456789", "type": "C-Corp", "email": "[email protected]", "address": { "line1": "605 Ellis Street", "city": "Mountain View", "state": "CA`", "zipcode": "94043", "country": "840" }, "phone": { "countryCode": "1", "number": "4159808222" }, "mcc": "1234" } ``` Thanks!

SubClient Creation > 406 Not Acceptable

Hello, I'm trying to create sample SubClients on Sandbox with the following request: ``` POST /v4/clients/{id}/subclients/0570 ``` Body: ``` { "name": "Alphabet", "tin": "01-1234567", "type": "C-Corp", "url": "", "email": "[email protected]", "address": { "line1": "803 11th Avenue", "line2": "", "city": "Sunnyvale", "state": "CA", "zipcode": "94089", "country": "USA" }, "phone": { "countryCode": "1", "number": "925577..." }, "mcc": "1234", "mvv": "123456", "maid": "123456", "settlement": { "purchase": { "routingNumber": "", "accountNumber": "" }, "disbursement": { "routingNumber": "", "accountNumber": "" }, "fee": { "routingNumber": "", "accountNumber": "" }, "exception": { "routingNumber": "", "accountNumber": "" }, "serviceType": "N" }, "fees": { "type": "MDR", "monthlyMinimumProcessingFee": "", "authorizationFee": "", "deleteFee": "", "purchaseFeeFixed": "", "purchaseFeeVariable": "", "purchaseFeeCap": "", "disbursementFeeFixed": "", "monthlySubClientFee": "", "chargebackFee": "", "retrievalFee": "", "batchFee": "", "cardTypeFee": { "intlCreditFixed": "", "intlCreditVariable": "", "intlDebitFixed": "", "intlDebitVariable": "", "creditSurchargeFixed": "", "creditSurchargeVariable": "", "amexFixed": "", "amexVariable": "" }, "3DSFee": "", "accountUpdaterFee": "" }, "reserveAccount": { "routingNumber": "", "accountNumber": "", "calculationsCurrencyCode": "", "calculationsVariable": "", "calculationsFixed": "", "calculationsNoOfDays": "" } } ``` Response: `406 Not Acceptable` Body: ``` <html> <head><title>406 Not Acceptable</title></head> <body> <center><h1>406 Not Acceptable</h1></center> <hr><center>nginx</center> </body> </html> ``` Ensured we're provided everything required in docs: Any pointers would be deeply appreciated. Thanks!

Same Day ACH

Hi, I have following questions on same-day ACH. (1) The documentation says `Transactions exceeding $100,000 and international transactions are not eligible for same-day ACH.`. This year NACHA has increased the limit to 1 million. What is supported by Tabapay? (2) Is `output file` same as `ACH return` file? If not, will Tabapay provide `ACH return` file if there are errors in the transaction because of non sufficient funds etc? (3) We would like to try out same-day ACH. How can we do that? Thanks

3-D Secure: JWT validation after continueWithTransaction?

The [documentation for JWT validation]( says that the response from the mobile SDKs continueWithTransaction... method can be validated by calling the [TabaPay 3D Secure Authenticate API]( That API appears to be required but is not mentioned in the [sequence diagram]( By the way, that sequence diagram is _incredibly helpful_, which is why I'm pointing out the potential gap.

3-D Secure: Which transaction ID continueWithTransaction mobile SDK call?

The [3-D Secure starter guide]( explains that after calling the [TabaPay 3D Secure Lookup API]( then the developer should call the continueWithTransaction... method in the Android/iOS SDK. The SDK calls take a `TRANSACTION_ID` parameter. Is the value for that parameter supposed to be taken from the `processorTransactionID` or the `dsTransactionID` value in the response to 3D Secure Lookup?