Retrieve Account Failure

GET `/v1/clients/{clientId}/accounts/{accountId}?RejectDuplicateCard` Returns ``` { "type":"", "title":" Bad Request", "status":400, "detail": "Unhandled tabapay response: { \"SC\":410, \"EC\":\"3A454002\", \"EM\":\"Status\" } } ``` It was working fine before. Is it because we've hit the endpoint too many times in a time period?

Payment transaction failed

Send a payment transaction using, failed. ```bash {"SC":400,"EC":"3C5E1312","EM":"accounts.source"}" ```

Create account failed

Using the card provided in the failed. ```bash {"SC":422,"EC":"3C55602E","EM":"Source Disabled"}" ```

Create Transaction > Apple Pay > Transaction Limit

Hello, With more or less the same requests as placed in we're now getting the following: 400 - {\"SC\":422,\"EC\":\"3C5E5662\",\"EM\":\"Transaction Limit\"} We put 1 dollar for the transaction, does that mean it's too little? If so, what's the minimum? Thanks in advance!

Create TabaPay Account

We're facing an odd error when creating a TabaPay account: ``` {\"SC\":400,\"EC\":\"3C404913\",\"EM\":\"Card Data Client\"} ``` Any idea what this means? Also is there table where all of these error values are defined for SC, EC, and EM?

Create Transaction > Apple Pay > Permission Error

I tried hard-coding my name for testing Apple Pay per: to see if transactions would go through, but they aren't. Instead am getting a permission error: ``` { "type": "", "title": "Bad Request", "status": 400, "detail": "Unhandled tabapay response: {\"SC\":403,\"EC\":\"3C5E2395\",\"EM\":\"Permission\"}", "stacktrace": [ ``` What we're sending in: ``` CreateTransactionRequest( referenceID=KLNOPKRSTUVWX-, correspondingID=null, corresponding=null, type=PULL, accounts=Accounts( sourceAccountID=null, sourceAccount=SourceAccount( card=Card( accountNumber=null, expirationDate=null, securityCode=null, keyID=null, data=null, token=null, device=null, mobilePay=MobilePay( accountNumber=517604047..., expirationDate=202609, cryptogram=ACfp9yvsN7m0ABXYR0ua..., transactionID=007E0BE6100BE796..., eciIndicator=null, network=MasterCard, type=credit ), processor=null ), bank=null, owner=Owner( name=Name( company=null, first=Sami, middle=null, last=Eljabali, suffix=null ), address=null, phone=null) ), destinationAccountID=null, destinationAccount=null ), amount=1.00, currency=840, ofacValue=null, memo=null, achOptions=null, pullOptions=null, softDescriptor=null, location=null ) ``` Decrypted Apple Pay ``` { "applicationPrimaryAccountNumber": "51760404...", "applicationExpirationDate": "260929", "currencyCode": "840", "transactionAmount": 100, "deviceManufacturerIdentifier": "05011...", "paymentDataType": "3DSecure", "paymentData": { "onlinePaymentCryptogram": "AD6yAiS8n0gkA..." }, "msg": "", "time": "2022-09-19T16:00:39.191Z", "v": 0 } ``` Any tips or ideas are welcome. Thanks!

Create Transaction > Apple Pay > First Name Required

When creating a Transaction with Apple Pay, we're finding the API requiring us to send in the first/last name: ``` { "type": "", "title": "Bad Request", "status": 400, "detail": "Unhandled tabapay response: { \"SC\":400,\"EC\":\"3C5E1510\", \"EM\":\"\ }, "stacktrace": [ ...", ...." ] } ``` Though the problem with this error is that Apple Pay does not necessarily always send in the card holder's name. Per their doc: Under "Payment Data Keys", the key "cardholderName" its description is "Optional. Cardholder name." With that said this restriction needs to be removed, as is would mess up a payment flow by forcing users to enter their names, whereas Apple Pay's convenience is to not have users enter anything.

Sandbox test card number

None of the Amex or Discover test card numbers work in sandbox, all receive the response "Sorry this type of card does not accept fund disbursement." How can we test Amex and Discover?

ACH: Same Day vs Next Day Fees

Hello 👋, When sending out Same Day ACH via Batch files is there a fee incurred on us, as opposed to, using Next Day? Thanks!

Apple Pay on Staging Environments

Hello, When sending Apple Pay pull transactions on staging, does TabaPay mock process it? As in, would it not pull cash from the card however return 200 codes as if it did? Thanks!