Pre Auth

Hello team- If the pre authorization is not run, will the payment transaction be cancelled?

Reverse Transaction Lifecycle

Hello team TabaPay 👋 Question, we're seeing a number of \[Resource Statuses](<>) when it comes to reversing a Transaction: - REVERSAL - REVERSED - COMPLETED 1. Do the statuses go in that order post execution? 2. What's the timeframe we can expect it to complete? (Same day, next day?) 3. How common is it for a reversal not to go through? What are the factors that play to stop it from going through? Thank you!

What is a sub-client?

What is a sub-client and how do i use it?

First/Last Name Acceptable Characters

Hello team TabaPay :wave: Good day! When doing [Create Transaction]( and passing first/last name of account owners. We're seeing customers place characters such as `(` & `)` which is causing TabaPay to throw: ```html html Unhandled tabapay response: <html> <head> <title>406 Not Acceptable</title> </head> <body> <center><h1>406 Not Acceptable</h1></center> <hr><center>nginx</center> </body> </html> ``` Is it possible for: - Documentation to share of Regex of what are acceptable characters? Unsure if TabaPay accepts characters like `é`, `,`, `.` for example. - Input validation placed on names to better inform us when it goes wrong. Thanks team!

Convenience Fees sent to different bank accounts

Hello team TabaPay 👋 We collect convenience fees on pull/push transactions. However want to depending different circumstances send these convenience fees to different bank accounts of ours. For example: - Gift card purchase: service fees goes to Bank A - Stream service subscription: service fees goes to Bank B How is it we can send these different Bank accounts' info to TabaPay? How is it we can reference these Bank accounts when doing transactions, such that convenience fees go there accordingly? Thank you!

AVS check

Is there a way to run AVS only for US Zip code without manually checking zip code is from USA or not?

Descriptive Network Error message

To explain the detailed error, we could have to translate the network response code to client. But check <>, there is a list for the network response, 1. Which one will be used in the tabapay tx creation, the <> API page does not provide an example with failed network RC. 2. It will use the **network related list** for netwokRC in the tabapay response? such as visa, accel, use it own error list? 3. The failed NetWorkRC only occurs when tabapay tx response `status=ERROR`?

Setup currency in ACH files

We are going to support Canada in our application, we add currency to our codes, in general debit card transactions, it includes amount and currency codes, but we found there is no currency in ACH files for tabapay transactions. How to set currency in ACH like debit card APIs, or am I missing some information fort this? Regards, Hantsy

Generate ACH Input File for FBO2 at the same time

we have a requirement of generating ACH Input file for general tx and and tx that used FBO2, because FBO2 used a different ISO code, so we should generate two files. - 230925_6380_ACHInput_1_v2_5.csv - 230925_6381_ACHInput_2_v2_5.csv //use fbo2 I am not sure here the two Input File's serial number is 1 and 2 or just use 1 for both files.

Permission issue

Hi Team, When we call API, we are getting the below response to most of the API calls except RetrieveClient API. {"SC":403,"EC":"3C5E2393","EM":"Permission"} Can you help me with this?