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SubClient Creation > TIN Error


I'm creating a SubClient in the following format, however not using exact data, as this is in production:

    "name": "TabaSlims",
    "tin": "01-0123456",
    "type": "LLC",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "address": {
        "line1": "605 Ellis Street",
        "city": "Mountain View",
        "state": "CA",
        "zipcode": "94043",
        "country": "840"
    "phone": {
        "countryCode": "1",
        "number": "4159808222"
    "mcc": "1234"

And I'm getting the following error:

  "SC": 400,
  "EC": "22110122",
  "EM": "tin"

Which is odd as the TIN looks fine to me, it's matching the format described on wikipedia:
"An EIN is usually written in form 00-0000000"

Any tips are greatly appreciated.