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3-D Secure Session ID: 3ds/init 3dsID vs. Cardinal Mobile SDK consumerSessionId

We're using the Cardinal Mobile SDK for our mobile app for 3-D Secure processing. The steps from the sequence diagram in the documentation are:

  1. Call 3ds/init. It returns a 3dsID and JWT within the response.
  2. Create a session with the Cardinal Mobile SDK using the JWT from the 3ds/init response, which returns a consumerSessionId.

The documentation for 3ds/lookup says to use the 3dsID from the 3ds/init response.

Is the consumerSessionId the same value as the 3dsID from 3ds/init?
If so, are we expected to ensure that the values are the same?
If they are not intended to be the same, what is the consumerSessionId value used for?