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3ds/authenticate enrolled and actionCode fields

The 3ds/authenticate call documentation shows an enrolled field if you click on the response documentation in the middle column of the page, under the request field descriptions. The response JSON that is shown on the right side of the page when you click on the 200 response does not include the enrolled field, and neither does the response in the Sandbox Environment. Should that field be removed from the documentation?

The JSON response on the right side of the page does show an actionCode field, and that is also included in the response body in the Sandbox Environment, but there is no documentation for that field on the 3ds/authenticate page. The only documentation that I can find for an actionCode is for a response from the mobile SDK, but this is a response from the API. Are these values supposed to be the same as those from the SDK?

From the sample response documentation:

  "SC": 200,  
  "EC": "0",  
  "actionCode": "SUCCESS",  
  "errorNumber": "0",  
  "errorDescription": "Success",  
  "3dsVersion": "2.1.0",  
  "processorTransactionID": "11111111111111111111",  
  "status": "Y",  
  "ECI": "05",  
  "UCAF": "1111111111111111111111111111"