Community Forum Guidelines


Community Forum Guidelines

We love the active community section on our developer's site! To protect community members' privacy, we advise sticking to First Names only and specifically avoid using your email in the name field. Look forward to more discussions!

Quick Guidelines

  1. Be respectful: Use language that is helpful to the TabaPay community and other developers.
  2. No Spam: Do not post harmful links, code unrelated to the TabaPay API or your project.
  3. No Third Party Promotion: Random promotional links unrelated to payments, or the TabaPay community will be deleted.

How to Ask a Question

  1. Go to the Community Forum.
  2. Select Ask a Question at the top right.

    The Ask a Question form appears.

  3. Complete the Question Title, the question that relates to the Tabapay API, your name, and email.
  4. Select Post Question.