Release notes for 9/16/2022

Sub-Client API enhanced to add Reserve Account, Get Name of the Issuer in Card Object, and more!

API changes -

  1. Our CreateTransaction and QueryCard APIs will now return a Card object with some information about the card (more details below).
    1. Financial Institution name will now be returned with 200 responses on CreateTransaction and QueryCard.
  2. For clients boarding new SubClients we have added additional fields to the sandbox:
    1. New SubClient fees.
    2. New SubClient settlementAccount object.

Changes to our documentation -

  1. Our "How to" guides are now a part of the API references section of our documentation. They originally belonged to the Guides section.
  2. New guides:
    1. How to use duplicate card check

Changes to the API:

Card Object

The new card object in the following 200 responses provides you with the name of the Financial institution for the card nameFI.

Create Transaction - 200 Response:

Create Transaction API reference

Query Card - 200 Response:

Query Card API reference

New SubClient fees through our SubClient API


New fees are available only on sandbox

Your account has to be configured to use the boarding API. Currently, the boarding API is only available for select customers.

You can now set fees through the subclient API: reference documentation

For more information, please look at our fee guide

Reserve Accounts for SubClients

Changes/Additions to our documentation:

  1. New "how to" guide for duplicate card check