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Delete Transaction - 422 Response with EM: Reverse

Having created a pull transaction which was 'completed', I am looking to refund the transaction due to a valid customer request.

After hitting the DELETE https://FQDN/v1/clients/{ClientID}/transactions/{TransactionID}?reversal endpoint I receive the following 422 response:

  "SC": 422,
  "EC": 38056450,
  "EM": "Reversal"

It's very unclear what this specific error code means, and I'm finding it difficult to reproduce this in the sandbox.

It's worth mentioning that the documentation doesn't make it clear what potential status values could be returned from this request.

It appears we expect something like this (for somewhat successful requests):

  • reversal: Reverse request received but status unknown
  • reversed: Reverse request received and acknowledged (unclear of success)
  • completed: Reverse request received and reversal completed successfully

How do subsequest requests for information work here? For example, if the original response was reversal and we attempt to fetch the up-to-date information via Retrieve Transaction, how would the status change in these scenarios:

  • If reversal fails
  • If reversal successful
  • If reversal still pending