Update Account v2

Coming Soon

Update specific fields in the Account. Currently does not work with DuplicateCardCheck. Currently only works with Unencrypted Cards (Card in the Clear) and/or Bank Accounts.

If you are an ISO (Independent Sales Organization), you will need to specify a SubClientID (see notes below).


https://FQDN/v2/clients/ClientID/accounts/Account ID


JSON Name Value Required Default Description Conditional
bank object CO Either Bank or Card ACH
routingNumber String
9 digits
O a Routing Number ACH
accountNumber String
4-17 digits
O a Account Number ACH
accountType String
1-character code
O a Account Type ACH
card object CO Either Bank or Card Payment Card
accountNumber String
13-19 digits
O n Payment Card Account Number Payment Card
Not Encrypted
expirationDate String
O n ExpirationDate Payment Card
Not Encrypted
owner object O Account Owner
name object O Name
Either Company or First, Middle, Last, and Suffix
company String O c Company Name
first String O n First Name
middle String O n Middle Name or Initial
last String O n Last Name
suffix String O n Suffix
address object O Address
line1 String O Address Line 1
line2 String O Address Line 2
city String O City
state String
2-character code
O State Code 840
zipcode String O Zip Code 840
country String
3-digit code
O 840 ISO 3166-1 Country Code 840
phone object O Phone Number (E.164 Numbering) 840
countryCode String
1-3 digits
O 1 Country Calling Code 840
number String
Min: 4 digits
Max: 12-14 digits
O Phone Number 840

Request Samples:

Pack your Request, the following Samples shown here are unpacked only for human readability:

Update First Name on Account:

        "first": "Jane"
Update Address on Account:
        "line1": "605 Ellis St",
        "line2": "Suite #110",


Status Codes:

Status Code Description
200 OK The Account is Updated.
207 Multi-Status Account updated, but Update Duplicate Card Check Failed.

See Status Codes for other possible Status Codes that might be returned.

Response Data:

JSON Name Value Description Status Code
200 207 Other
SC Integer
3-digit code
HTTP Status Code O
EC String
1 or 8 characters
Internal Error Code O
EM String Error Message O

Sample Response:

Account updated:
    "SC": 200,
    "EC": "0"


For Clients who are an ISO (Independent Sales Organization), to specify your ClientID and a SubClientID, use the underscore character ("_") to separate the two values: <ClientID>_<SubClientID> where:

  • ClientID is your unique 22-character string and
  • SubClientID is an assigned 4, 6 or 8-digit value.


Updating specific fields must make logical sense, here are some examples of illogical updates that will fail with SC=400 Bad Request:

Current Account State Update Wanted Reason for Failure
Account is a Card bank.accountNumber In order to Change an Account from Card to Bank, you will need to provide all the Bank Fields:
  • bank.routingNumber
  • bank.accountNumber
  • bank.accountType
Account Owner's Address is Country 840 Postal Code of "A1A 1A1" The Postal Code is not a US Zip Code
Account Owner's Address is Country 124 State Code of "CA" The State Code is not a Canadian Province
Account Name is a Company Last Name of "Smith" In order to change the Name, you will need to provide at least:
  • owner.name.first
  • owner.name.last