Query Bank

Returns the attributes for the requested Bank.




JSON Name Value Required Default Description
routingNumber String
9 digits
R Routing Number

Sample Request:

Pack your Request, the following Samples shown here are unpacked only for human readability:

Query Bank:

  "routingNumber": "999999999"


Status Codes:

Status Code Description
200 OK The Bank's Attributes are returned.

See Status Codes for other possible Status Codes that might be returned.

Response Data:

JSON Name Value Description Status Code
200 Other
SC Integer
3-digit code
HTTP Status Code O
EC String
1 or 8 characters
Internal Error Code O
EM String Error Message O
RTP Boolean RTP

Sample Response:

Query Bank:
  "SC": 200,
  "EC": "0",
  "RTP": true


For Clients who are an ISO (Independent Sales Organization), to specify your ClientID and a SubClientID, use the underscore character ("_") to separate the two values: <ClientID>_<SubClientID> where:

  • ClientID is your unique 22-character string and
  • SubClientID is an assigned 4, 6 or 8-digit value.