Internal Error Codes

These are Internal Error Codes used by TabaPay team members only. These are subject to change at any time and without any notice. You should be using Status Codes (SC) and Error Messages (EM) to determine what might be wrong if you are getting an error.


PCI limitations

PCI does require us to be cryptic in the Error Messages that we return back; but for certain 400 Series Errors, we may return back something in the Error Message (EM) field of the JSON Response that indicates what might be wrong.

EC Description
0 OK
!= 0 Error


Customer Facing Error Messages?

We are a Server-to-Server Web Services (API) and we are not Customer Facing, so:

  1. We do not provide User Friendly Error Messages.
  2. We do not provide Error Details (because of PCI).
  3. We do not recommend showing your Customers our Error Messages or Error Codes.