Purpose of Payment

Codes related to the nature of the transaction.


Countries affected by Purpose of Payment

  1. Argentina
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Chile
  4. Colombia
  5. Egypt
  6. India
  7. Mexico (Effective September 2023)

About Purpose of Payment

This code classifies and reports the nature and purpose of the transaction. Certain destination markets require Purpose of Payment for all their incoming cross-border transactions.

It is a code whose standardized value is provided by the card networks to TabaPay.
TabaPay submits the correct purpose of payment code to the network, and our clients are expected to provide the correct values.


Purpose of Payment is now a field on the Create Transaction API

Please visit the Create Transaction Reference page for more details.

The code must be per the list provided as provided here.

Purpose of Payment Standardized Codes List


As of November 11th, 2022

The only valid Purpose of Payment values are the regulatory published/recognized codes or a code from the Visa Standardized Purpose of Payment list (below).

Code DescriptionCode to be Used
Account managementISACCT
Transaction is the payment of allowanceISALLW
Settlement of annuityISANNI
Unemployment disability benefitISBENE
Business expensesISBEXP
Bonus paymentISBONU
Bus transport related businessISBUSB
Cash management transferISCASH
Payment of cable TV billISCBTV
Government institute issued related to cash compen­ sation, helplessness, and disabilityISCCHD
Credit card paymentISCCRD
Payment of credit card billISCDBL
Payment for charity reasonsISCHAR
Collection paymentISCOLL
Commercial paymentISCOMC
Compensation relating to interest loss/value date adjustment and can include feesISCOMP
Payment of copyrightISCPYR
Related to a debit card paymentISDCRD
Payment of a depositISDEPT
Payment of dividendISDIVD
Payment of study / tuition feesISEDUC
Payment of electricity billISELEC
General feesISFEES
Payment for ferry related businessISFERB
Foreign exchangeISFREX
Payment of gas billISGASB
Compensation to unemployed persons during insolvency proceduresISGFRP
Government paymentISGOVT
Health insuranceISHLTI
Reimbursement of credit card paymentISICCP
Reimbursement of debit card paymentISIDCP
Payment of car insurance premiumISINPC
Transaction is related to the payment of an insurance claimISINSC
Insurance premiumISINSU
Payment of mutual funds, investment products and sharesISINVS
Intra company paymentISINTC
Income taxISINTX
Labor insuranceISLBRI
License feeISLICF
Life insuranceISLIFI
Medical servicesISMDCS
Mobile P2B paymentISMP2B
Mobile P2P paymentISMP2P
Mobile top upISMTUP
Not otherwise specifiedISNOWS
Transaction is related to a payment of other telecom related billISOTLC
Contribution to pension fundISPEFC
Pension paymentISPENS
Payment of telephone billISPHON
Property insuranceISPPTI
Transaction is for general rental/leaseISRELG
The payment of rentISRENT
Payment for railway transport related businessISRLWY
Salary paymentISSALA
Payment to savings / retirement accountISSAVG
Social security benefitISSSBE
Supplier paymentISSUPP
Refund of a tax payment or obligationISTAXR
Tax paymentISTAXS
Transaction is related to a payment of telecommuni­cations related billISTBIL
Trade services operationISTRAD
Treasury paymentISTREA
Payment for travelISTRPT
Utility bill paymentISUBIL
Value added tax paymentISVATX
With holdingISWHLD
Payment of water billISWTER