3DS Mobile SDK Solution

Integration Guidelines

3DS Mobile Experience using TabaPay 3DS SDK and APIs

Cardholders want to perform smooth secure transactions using their mobile devices. Through
Tabapay 3DS SDK, we can help cardholders achieve this. In addition, we will give our merchants
the assurance that the authentication process we have will be secure. Merchants will need to
integrate with our create transaction API

As the merchant, your only focus is to connect with Tabapay’s API and 3DS SDK. Tabapay will
complete all the backend work in authenticating with the issuer and performing a smooth
experience for both you and your cardholder.

However, if the cardholder does not provide sufficient information for the issuer to be
confident the transaction created is not fraud, the issuer will connect with the cardholder
directly to ask a series of security questions directly.


Successful Flow:

As a merchant who has integrated with Tabapay 3DS SDK and APIs, you would need to send us
the authentication request that you receive from your cardholder. You will need to pass in that
data for us to authenticate the request for you. Once we do so, we will send the response back.
If the response is a success, you will pass that in the successful authentication back to your
cardholder and complete the authentication.

Challenge Flow:

If the response is not successful, your cardholder has entered the challenge flow and the issuer
will communicate directly with your cardholder to ask him/her a series of security questions until
they are confident that the transaction is made by the true cardholder.

TabaPay SDK Integration

Merchant will need to let TabaPay know how they would like to configure the page for their
cardholders. We have both a whitelabeled custom option where we can add the merchant logo
for the cardholder, or a blank HTML format.

Initiate Transfer:
Merchant will need to provide TabaPay with the cardholder’s name, amount, amount, and
currency. If the following is not sufficient, the card holder will not be able to move onto the
next page.
• Name (Must enter full name)
• Amount (Default is 0)
• Currency (Default is USD)

Challenge Flow:
If the cardholder enters the challenge flow, they will be prompted to enter a test. If they
accept, the cardholder will ask how they would like to receive the code. They would have the
option to provide an email address or a mobile phone number.
• Email or Phone Number is required
• Cardholder must answer security questions prompted by the issuer

Integrating with 3DS Server

Enable convenient EMV® 3DS transactions for you

Reduce risk for non-authenticated transactions, associated refunds and lost revenue, while at the same time establishing frictionless flow and improving the cardholder experience during online shopping.

Acquirers, Merchants and PSPs can process EMV® 3DS 2.X and 3DS 1.0 online transactions, using TabaPay 3DS Server.

Integrate with our 3DS Server SaaS or implement 3DS Server licensed software on-premise

3DS Server SaaS

  • PCI 3DS and PCI DSS certified product
  • Certified with Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Diners, AMEX, UnionPay
  • Hosted on Netcetera Cloud Payment Platform, using world leading hosting service providers
  • Admin UI for data configuration, transaction search and user access management
  • Test environment with simulated Directory Server and Access Control Server (ACS) for integration testing
  • Easy integration with customer environment via APIs
  • Customer support 24/7

3DS Server on-premise

  • PCI-ready products
  • Compliant with Visa, Mastercard, Diners, MirAccept, JCB, Amex, CB
  • Comprehensive dashboard, log data and statistics for monitoring
  • Two configuration models:
    • XML configuration
    • Admin UI for data configuration, certificate management, transaction search and user access management on a central database (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle)
  • NDM Simulator – test application with demo web shop, Directory Server and Access Control Server (ACS) for integration testing

Integrating with 3DS SDK

Integrate the TabaPay 3DS SDK in a merchant mobile app for processing EMV® 3DS 2.X transactions. Enable better risk scoring and increase frictionless flow, better user experience with reduced abandonment rate.

TabaPay 3DS SDK for iOS and Android

TabaPay 3DS SDK

  • EMVCo approved EMV® 3DS 2.X SDK products for Android and iOS
  • Compliant with EMV® 3DS programs of all schemes
  • Full support of EMV® 3DS frictionless and challenge flow
  • Configurable device data collection
  • Performs device security checks
  • Full support of both HTML and Native UI for challenge screens:
    • Native UI for consistent look and feel as the merchant app with the authentication content provided by the Issuer (ACS).
    • HTML UI for Issuer (ACS) consistent app-based experience across consumer devices issuer-specific design elements
  • Netcetera Demo Merchant (NDM) Application for Android and iOS for demonstration of SDK integration in merchant’s native shopping app.

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