EMV Card Present Transactions

Accept payments with a swipe, tap, or contactless payment.

TabaPay provides a Unified API integration for both Card Present and Card Not Present transactions. Support for Card Present transactions via the Unified API allows our clients to securely process their certified Point of Sale (POS) terminal transactions.

How EMV Card Present Transactions Work

TabaPay currently supports two types of card present transactions.

  1. TabaPay supports swipe devices that have a USB Keyport input.
  2. TabaPay supports MagTek EMV readers with Magensa Decryption.

Desktop lines

TabaPay supports Magtek swipe & ID tech devices; any swipe device that has a USB Keyport input to support the Card Present payment and because we are a processor, we can do L1/L2/L3.

You may want to check out our developer portal for other Card Present information.

EMV MagTek support

In order to use this service the merchant must:

  1. Get a Magtek device.
  2. Subscribe to Magensa for decryption services
  3. Configure Magensa to call the create transaction API
  4. TabaPay permissions required – Device on Create Transaction
  5. Networks supported: All front of card brands like Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover
  • TabaPay clients provide the decrypted EMV data in our Unified API (Create Transaction API
  • {"type":"pull",
              "blob":decrypted EMV blob
  • TabaPay validates the incoming request to check for required EMV tags as well as presence of transaction amount in the request. Every Card Present transaction, at a minimum require track 2 data, transaction amount, EMV payment tags.
  • If the required fields are not present in the request, TabaPay rejects the incoming message with an appropriate 400 message.
  • Clients will be able to perform a reversal using TabaPay's Delete API