TabaPay offers robust reporting to all merchants to support daily reconciliation efforts. Reports can be pulled from the online portal or delivered via the below methods.

Report delivery methods:

SFTP Push. TabaPay pushes reports via SFTP. Security options can include:

  • Merchant whitelists TabaPay IP
  • SFTP ID and Password
  • TabaPay public key for SFTP security (ID or ID+PW)
  • File encryption using Merchant public PGP key

Dropbox. TabaPay assigns a dropbox to one or more Merchant email accounts. The reports are posted daily. Security options include:

  • Dropbox security is standard
  • File encryption using Merchant public PGP key

Amazon s3. A directory can be included

  • Amazon security is standard
  • File encryption using Merchant public PGP key:
  • AWS access credentials:
    • AWS Access Key ID
    • AWS secret key
    • AWS bucket name
    • If directory is used, then the directory name

Email. One or more Merchant distribution emails can receive daily reports. Files are zip and encrypted with a Merchant selected password.

Reports Provided

Daily Reports

  • AML Transactions Report
  • AML Summary Report
  • Chargebacks Report
  • Exceptions Report
  • FX Report (If applicable)
  • Interchange Report
  • Summary Report
  • Transactions Report
  • Account Updater Report (if applicable)
  • Reported Fraud (if applicable)

Monthly Reports

Monthly reports are available via the TabaPay Portal

  • Merchant Monthly Statement
  • Processing Fee Report
  • Network Fee Report
  • Invoice Report

Special Reports

  • FX Report (available for cross-border clients)
  • Account Updater Report (available for clients who are enabled for TabaPay Account Updater)
  • Reported Fraud (please contact [email protected] if you are interested in receiving this report)


The reports delivered every morning are for transactions from the prior day.

During final stage of onboarding merchants will be provided with a spreadsheet to select method of delivery for reporting and provide the necessary data needed for delivery.

Reach out to your TabaPay point of contact or email [email protected] and cc [email protected] for sample reports.