Merchant Advice Code

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TabaPay will be sending MasterCard Merchant Advice Code (MACs) to those TabaPay Clients that are enabled to receive them.

MasterCard's Transaction Processing Excellence (TPE) program offers these Merchant Advice Codes (MACs). They are a set of codes that Mastercard supports to enable issuers to communicate additional information regarding a transaction response. These codes indicate further actions on subsequent transactions that TabaPay Clients should take to continue serving cardholders.

The purpose of these TPE programs is to identify unfavorable transaction processing behavior and drive positive processing behavior change, resulting in a more seamless network experience for all parties involved.


Program Fees

Program fees will be assessed under the MasterCard Transaction Processing Excellence (TPE program) if certain processing behaviors are breached during Authorization.

Merchant Advice Code (MACs)


MAC value 03

A MAC value of 03 is indicates that a transaction should not be resubmitted. It denotes that an account is closed or fraudulent, and that no further approvals will be forthcoming by the issuer.

Per MasterCard, there will be a fee assessed for each authorization request resubmission following a MAC 03 decline within a 30-day period.

01New account information available
02Can not approve at this time, try again later
03Do not try again
04Token requirements not fulfilled for this token type
21Payment Cancellation Service
24Retry after 1 hour
25Retry after 24 hours
26Retry after 2 days
27Retry after 4 days
28Retry after 6 days
29Retry after 8 days
30Retry after 10 days

Network Return Code and Merchant Advice Code

TabaPay Clients consuming MACs can apply the following logic to take better decision.

Network Response Code ValueMerchant Advice Code (MAC)Decisioning Logic
79 or 8201updated information was found for TabaPay Account Updater. Check for new information before reattempting.
79 or 8203updated credentials are not found to be available for TabaPay Account Updater. Do not retry.
8301authentication may improve the likelihood of an approval. Retry using authentication (such as EMV® 3DS).
8303suspected fraud. Do not retry.
79, 82, or 8302retry the transaction later.